Cozy Grove Guide: How To Decorate Your Tent

Here’s how to do interior decorating in Cozy Grove’s latest update.

Cozy Grove just released a massive autumn update. Among the new features is a photo mode, new pets, bunnies that give a new form of essence, a Halloween event and Halloween creatures, an accordion that makes harvesting easy, and a bunch of new quality of life improvements. But one of the biggest (and coolest) additions is the ability to actually go inside your tent and decorate its rooms! It’s time for interior decorating, Cozy Grove style.

Once you get the update (I’m playing the Switch version, so all my screens are from that), you’ll wake up at your campsite as usual. Flamey will want to talk to you! Go ahead and chat with your fiery friend, and they’ll encourage you to step inside (for the first time!) and get decorating.

Decorating is a snap. Thanks to the new grid system (also launched with this update), you can put almost any of your decorations in your new digs. You can load up the item in your hands and throw it (which adds some dramatic flair), or place it on the grid on the floor for precision. As usual, you can also rotate items to your taste. Pieces will show with a shadow effect until you place them.

cozy grove interior decorating

There are a few limitations: I found a couple of items were too tall or too big (one being an Ice Cream Hut from the summer celebration, which might be too tall even for your spacey roof, another being a Curious Steampunk Ornament that probably has the same issue). You also can’t put lamps or imp ornaments that produce light.

But with most other things, you can really get creative. Like a few features in Cozy Grove it does feel a bit like its counterpart system in the Animal Crossing games, but with Spry Fox’ own spin on it.

Another feature you’ll notice when you step foot in your house-tent the first time is a very cute and mysterious “Cat Beckoner” which I am very excited about. The text box prompts you to add three food items (one of each item) overnight, and “a cat will find its way to your home by morning.”


It also notes “But cats can be very particular, and certain breeds are only lured by very specific food combinations.”

For my first night, I’m trying out a blueberry, some fancy greens, and a sweet potato. The blueberry found its way into the tags, so I’m hoping an adorable feline will find its way to my new house with haste.

cozy grove cat beckoner food

As for my rooms, I’m starting with a whole summer themed room (I’ve got palm trees, coconut water stalls, lei stands, and a few chill bear statues in there right now), and an astronomy/steampunk chill-out space. I’ll be adding more themed rooms (including a Halloween hangout, almost certainly) as I collect and craft more spooky ephemera.

You can check out all of the features of the autumn update on the game’s site, and stay tuned for more guides and coverage!

Disclaimer: Kris Lorischild and I worked together at, the forerunner to They are a writer on the game.