Catherine: Full Body Guide: Rin Route & New True Ending

Here's how to unlock the new route and ending in Catherine: Fully Body.

Catherine: Full Body doesn’t just tack its new character into the story willy nilly. The re-release incorporates Rin, a new third love interest for protagonist Vincent, right off the bat. Rin (or Qatherine as they’re later called) even appears before either Katherine or Catherine in the retold story. And, naturally, Rin has their own route for Vincent to pursue between all the 3D block puzzles and horrific imagery. But things don’t work quite the same way they did in the original Catherine! You need to make some pretty specific choices to unlock the Rin route in Full Body. That’s why we’ve assembled this guide to the Rin route and true ending in Catherine: Full Body. Let’s take a look!

The Rin route in Catherine: Full Body doesn’t doesn’t become a factor until Night 3. And, unlike pursuing either Katherine or Qatherine, the storyline isn’t tied to your “Freedom” or “Order” levels — indicated by the red and blue bar that appears on-screen sometimes. While you can and will interact with Rin before Night 3, none of the decisions you make “matter” in a mechanical sense.

What does matter are the questions you answer at the confessional booth each night. You must answer four specific questions correctly — each on a different night. Failing to do so will lock you out of the Rin route. Whereas most of the confessional questions are semi-random, these specific ones will have unique dialogue. The narrator will flag them by warning that “a new possibility” might be open to you. Pay attention, always save your game before entering a booth, and check out the answers we’ve listed below!

Catherine Full Body Rin Route

Catherine: Full Body – Rin Route Answer Night 3

The first question occurs on Night 3 and pertains to the second question of the stage. The game will ask “Would you want your partner to disclose all their secrets?” While it may seem very forward, you want to choose “Yes.” You will know you’ve made the correct answer for the Rin route in Catherine: Fully Body if the Freedom and Order meter cracks. Otherwise, if you answer a Rin question incorrectly, the meter will not be affected at all. If you screwed up, reload a save and pick the proper response.

Catherine: Full Body – Rin Route Answer Night 4

The second question happens in the first confessional on Night 4: the Inquisition. The mysterious voice will ask “Do you care what other people think of you?” Regardless of your personal beliefs, if you want the Rin route, select “It doesn’t matter.” The meter will crack and you can finish the rest of the level.

Catherine: Full Body – Rin Route Answer Night 5

Once again, you want to pay attention to the second confessional question of the night. The query is “Would you be able to accept any secret your lover may have?” And you want to answer with an emphatic “I’d be okay.” Sure… It’s not actually the firmest response, but it gets the job done. Once that’s over, you can complete the rest of the stage and prepare for the next night.

Catherine Full Body Rin Route

Catherine: Full Body – Rin Route Answer Night 6

Last but not least, we come to Night 6: the Clock Tower. And again, the question for the Rin route occurs in the second confessional pit stop. The mysterious voice wants to know: “What factors in the most when you make an important decision?” The answer? “My heart.” Perhaps that’s a bit of a lie, considering you’re using a guide to answer these questions, but whatever. The creepy voice in the booth can sue us.

If you answered all four questions correctly, the game will ask you if you want to save before going any further. You should do so, because there are more questions to answer. Getting any of the following three wrong will also lock you out of the Rin route in Catherine: Full Body. This will allow you to play the rest of the game like the original PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 release — going along with either Katherine or Catherine. Getting all three “correct” will put you on the Rin romance. It will also unlock quite a lot more cutscenes and a new collection of puzzles to play. So choose wisely!

Catherine: Full Body – Rin Route Ending Answers

We’re getting into spoiler territory now, which you’ll realize once you see the cutscenes after Night 6. Suffice it to say that the next three questions will come one after another. We won’t write out the questions themselves, but here’s a list of the correct answers, in order.

  1. Someone I need.
  2. I don’t know yet.
  3. A future with Rin.

Select those answers and congratulations! You’ve made it to the real Rin romance in Catherine: Full Body. We’re not done yet, though. There are still more puzzles and more questions to answer from here on out. Check below for the details.

Catherine: Full Body Guide – Rin True Ending

From here on out, you will have to complete puzzles and answer confessional booth questions as normal. However, the Freedom and Order meter will change. Every single question will now pertain to Rin and Vincent’s growth as a person. This manifests as a flower that grows out of the old, broken meter as you answer questions appropriately.

The downside is that the questions are chosen semi-randomly again (just like the ones for Katherine and Catherine). So we can’t tell you precisely what to expect, in what order. The upside is that it doesn’t appear you need to get every single question correct this time! Just five “positive” answers gave us a full-grown flower. In addition, it’s not hard to tell what answers are positive for Rin. You basically just want to pick the optimistic or adventurous options.

For instance, if the voice asks whether or not you’d enter a shop you’ve never been in before, say yes. Once you get through, and assuming you grew the flower enough for it to blossom, you should have access to the true Rin ending in Catherine: Full Body.

Catherine: Full Body Guide – Rin Route Night 10

There’s just one final obstacle to overcome! Going down this new, true ending will also unlock a new series of puzzles: the Close Encounter level. In addition, you need to answer several more questions at the confessional booth. These are fixed. The positive answers for the Rin route aren’t hard to guess, either, but we’ve transcribed them below just the same!

  1.  Boundless creation.
  2. Love for the one I cherish.
  3. An endless possibility.

And that is finally it. You’ll be treated to more cutscenes, more revelations, and a lot of very cute dialogue. But answering all these questions will put you on the path to a romance with Rin — as well as unlock their true ending. Have fun with the rest of Catherine: Full Body! This is certainly a wild ride.