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Pokemon Go Shiny

In Pokemon Go, shiny Pokemon are easier to catch than ever before. Boasting alternate coloration from the usual sprites, shiny Pokemon are highly sought after by avid collectors and aesthetics enthusiasts alike. However, how do you actually get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go? Well, there are quite a few methods, actually. 

Ever since shiny Magikarp appeared back in 2017, Pokemon Go has offered trainers the opportunity to catch shiny variations of their favorite Pokemon at events interspersed throughout the year. For instance, Community Days often see a surge in appearance rates for the Pokemon the day is based on — Totodile day had little blue crocodiles roaming the world of Pokemon Go in force, for instance.

Community Day and Safari Zone Shiny Pokemon

These special events offer trainers an increased chance of encountering a specific Pokemon. However, they also tend to feature increased odds that that Pokemon will be a shiny variant. So while you encounter more of a certain Pokemon on their Community Day, every single encounter is also assigned boosted shiny odds. Many people who take part in Community Days actually finish with a whole haul of shiny Pokemon, which can be incredibly valuable in the long run.

Community Days are just one kind of event, though. Pokemon Go has also started to run Safari Zone events all over the world. These turn various real-world locations into the fan-favorite, catch ‘em all minigame that was embedded in the mainline franchise ever since Generation 1. Safari Zones offer trainers the chance to catch a plethora of rare Pokemon and (you guessed it) feature substantially boosted shiny encounters.

Only a handful of Safari Zone events have taken place so far, but they’ve been so successful that fans will surely want more in the near future. Developer Niantic is usually pretty good to its fans, too, so you’ll likely see a few more Safari Zone events in 2019 and beyond.

Seasonal Pokemon Go Events

On top of this, there are lots of seasonal events dotted across the year that Niantic usually celebrates: such as Halloween and Christmas. These events usually come with a whole range of unique tasks. Players are generously rewarded for completing them and almost all of challenges feature shiny encounter chances.

If you haven’t got the gist yet, there are all kinds of community events orchestrated by Niantic specifically designed to offer shiny hunters a chance to add some new colors to their collection. Although events are a rare occurrence in some gaming communities, Niantic usually has at least one event running at all times, keeping trainers’ hands full with plenty of tasks and shinies to hunt.

Unfortunately, unlike the recently released Pokemon Let’s Go, shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go don’t appear in their shiny form on the overworld map. As a result, you can’t tell if a Pokemon is shiny or not until you enter the capture interface. That means that, if you’re on the hunt for shinies, you need to interact with every sprite you see… However, thanks to increased shiny odds during community events, this still often proves to be a lot quicker than searching for shinies in traditional Pokemon games. Also, you can transfer your shinies to Pokemon Let’s Go on the Nintendo Switch —provided they’re included on the Gen 1 Pokédex.

Pokemon Go Shiny

Shiny Raid Pokemon

It’s also common for Pokemon to have a shiny chance while serving as Raid Bosses. At the time I’m writing this article, for instance, the following Pokemon have the chance to be shiny when challenged during a Raid:

  • Alolan Marowak (Tier 4 Raid)
  • Alolan Raichu  (Tier 3 Raid)
  • Magikarp (Tier 1 Raid)
  • Makuhita (Tier 1 Raid)
  • Mawile (Tier 2 Raid)
  • Shinx (Tier 1 Raid)
  • Wailmer (Tier 1 Raid)

These Pokemon are just the ones featured in the January 2019 Raid rotation currently active in Pokemon Go. The same rule applies to every group of Raid Bosses; some will potentially be available to encounter as a shiny variant. As a result, it’s essential for shiny hunters to regularly participate in Raids if at all possible.

Special Encounter Shiny Pokemon

Lastly, a set of research tasks will occasionally culminate in an encounter with a rare Pokemon. These quests are usually outlined within the Pokemon Go interface itself. From time to time, these encounters also serve as the introduction of a brand new shiny to the game, with the encounter itself having boosted odds. If you’re lucky, completing these quests as they pop up in Pokemon Go will allow you to catch a new shiny ahead of the curve.

At present, not every Pokemon in Pokemon Go has a shiny form. Only the ones made available in one of the many ways shared above (events, raids, challenges) have a chance to appear as a shiny. Some of them don’t even have that anymore, due to the fact that their shiny sprite was only available as part of a limited-time event. However, new shinies have consistently appeared in Pokemon Go over the last two years. It’s safe to say that 2019 will have its fair share of shiny events for you to take advantage of. Even if you have no shinies in your collection at present, you could finish out the year with quite a few — if you’re vigilant!

So, if you’re keen on catching yourself some shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go, take part in all of the events. And challenge Raid Bosses with shiny chances as often as possible! If you keep up with Niantic’s event schedule, you’ll find that some of the events may even end with you catching a plethora of shinies. And remember that most shiny Pokmeon have immense trade value after their event ends. Not to mention they look nice with their alternate color schemes. So go out, have fun, and catch as many shiny Pokemon as you can!

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