Battlefront 2 Darth Maul Guide – How to Unlock the Old Master Skin

Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s final update is here and it’s bringing one more batch of content for fans to enjoy. While many will be enjoying the new Scarif map and original trilogy Capital Supremacy playlist, others will be trying to unlock the new hero skins. One of the coolest (and most requested) skins in the history of the game is the Clone Wars version of the insidious Darth Maul. Sporting two robot legs, the Old Master skin is unavailable when you first update the game will require some serious grinding to unlock.

How to Unlock the Old Master Skin

To unlock Darth Maul’s new skin you will need to get 5,000 kills with this hero to complete a Milestone tied to this character. Yes, you read that right. Thankfully, this does work in both regular multiplayer and Co-op, but that’s not going to be your main hurdle. Since everyone loves to use Darth Maul, expect the entire lobby to be fighting over the ability to play this character. It will be a race from the moment the game starts to reach 4,000 points so you can afford Maul.

We strongly recommend playing Co-op for this Milestone, as you can easily reach 4,000 points before the first objective is even complete. Just make sure to select Separatist Alliance at the co-op menu, otherwise, Darth Maul will be unavailable. When the match starts, pick the Officer class since it gets a passive points bonus that will let you hit 4,000 faster than others. Additionally, try to stay on the objective and kill foes from that point, since you’ll be getting some value from just capturing.

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Once you hit 4,000 points, quickly open the menu, select Respawn, and then pick Darth Maul. You’ll need to be fast because everyone is trying to do the same thing. If you’re lucky enough to get Maul, start slicing and dicing anything you come across. Maul is a fast, hit-and-run style hero that thrives on chaos. Use him to dash into groups, take them all down, and then run away. Do not play super aggressive with Maul, since you could easily lose him if you’re not careful.

Since you need 5,000 kills, don’t expect to get this Milestone done anytime soon. Trying to rush through it is just going to be a stressful experience – especially for the first week with everyone fighting over him. Give it a couple of weeks and you should have an easier time selecting this hero. Just remember to play the objective and you should get enough points to pick up this character.

May the Force be with you and your journey to beat everyone in the character select screen.


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