Battlefront 2 Specialist Class Guide – The Best Specialist Class Star Cards

Do you want to sit back and shoot your opponents from across the map? If you answered “Yes,” then the Specialist class if for you in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Revolving around using sniper rifles to take down enemies, the Specialist class is ideal for taking down high-value targets or protecting objectives. Despite its popularity, this class can be underwhelming unless utilized correctly. Sometimes just blasting people with a sniper rifle isn’t enough to turn the tide of battle.

Best Specialist Class Star Cards

When picking the Star Cards for the Specialist class, we decided to focus on two separate builds. When testing, we found these two be the most effective in objective-focused matches. This doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t use different Star Cards, as making sure these buffs cater to your own playstyle is extremely important. However, if you need a jumping-off point or want a strong build that boasts some great synergy then consider trying out these loadouts.

The Sharpshooter

  • Star Card 1: Stealth
  • Star Card 2: Marksman
  • Star Card 3: Personal Shield
  • Weapon: NT-242
    • Mod 1: Dual Zoom
    • Mod 2: Improved Cooling

For those that just like to stay away from combat and pride themselves on their aim, this build is all about killing enemies as effectively as possible. To help you with this, the Marksman card will reduce your cooldown after every successful headshot kill. Since we’re using the NT-242 that should be pretty much every headshot you land on a normal enemy. It’s an especially deadly combo that is only enhanced by Stealth, which keeps you off the radar when firing. This will let you rack up kills, assuming you picked a good perch or vantage point to snipe from.

We’re also throwing the Personal Shield in here, simply because it acts as a great defensive ability if you get jumped. Even though you cannot fire while in the shield, you should have enough time to either retreat or trigger your Infiltration skill. Our weapon choice is the NT-242 with Dual Zoom and Improved Cooling, mainly because it hits like a truck. Your success with this gun with entirely depend on your ability to actually hit your targets. If you’re not confident in your aim than I suggest the Cycler Rifle instead.

The Defender

  • Star Card 1: Trip Mine
  • Star Card 2: Stinger Pistol or Scramble Infiltration
  • Star Card 3: Stealth
  • Weapon: A280-CFE
    • Mod 1: Burst Mode

If you don’t want to hang back and snipe people, then our defender build is for you. Focusing on protecting objectives or strategic positions, the Trip Mine serves as a great early warning system when enemies attempt to take a location. It also does quite a bit of damage that will either outright kill a foe or set them up for someone else to swiftly put them down. The Stinger Pistol acts as a nice backup plan if someone advances your position, but you shouldn’t always rely on it. If you’re not a fan of the pistol since its nerf then the Scramble Infiltration gives you a decent close range option. You also have your Infiltration ability which gives you a nice burst SMG to blast any enemies foolish enough to charge the objective.

Finally, we are adding Stealth for extra protection, but this slot is flexible so feel free to try other Star Cards like Resourceful, Personal Shield, or Expert Weapons Handling. Any weapon is good for this build, but if you’re trying to be an active defender then try the A280-CFE. This is a weapon that’s somewhere between a hard-hitting sniper rifle and an assault rifle, which makes it ideal for holding a position. Make sure to equip the burst fire mod once you have it unlocked.

Now you’re ready to shoot Darth Maul from across the map!