Battlefront 2 Officer Class Guide – The Best Officer Class Star Cards

For those who prefer to help the team during these iconic battles then the Officer class is for you. One of four core classes in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, the Officer revolves around gaining a lot of points and providing supporting buffs/gear. Sporting a blaster pistol, this is one of the most popular choices for users since you can quickly gain enough points to earn a Hero or reinforcement.

Best Officer Class Star Cards

While there are a ton of different Star Card combinations you can utilize, we have narrowed it down to two that we feel are the best. This doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t experiment with other Star Cards, just these are ones that synergize well with one another. The Officer excels at being able to swap its equipment out in the middle or beginning of a match to suit the team’s needs. Always consider how your gear will improve your chances of actually winning and not just drowning in thousands of points.

Battlefront 2 Best Officer Star cards


The Silent Supporter

  • Star Card 1: Officer’s Presence
  • Star Card 2: Improved Battle Command
  • Star Card 3: Squad Shield or Improved Blaster Turret
  • Weapon: S-5
    • Mod: Reduced Recoil
    • Mod: Ion Shot (Only when against a lot of vehicles)

Our Silent Supporter build is all about backing up your team through your gear and Battle Command ability. Perfect for objective-focused game modes like Galatic Assault or Supremacy, your playstyle should revolve around trying to help your team as much as possible. This is mainly done through the Officer’s Presence and Improved Battle Command Star Cards. The former reduces the delay of your team’s health regeneration by 40%, which can mean the difference between life and death in a hectic battle aboard an enemy cruiser.

As for the latter, Improved Battle Command not only has a reduced cooldown but increases its radius and buffs yourself. This is superb on smaller maps or those where players are grouping around objectives. If you find yourself with a team that’s spread out than replace this Star Card with Resourceful so you have access to your abilities more frequently. Finally, you can use Squad Shield or Improved Blaster Turrent depending on if you’re attacking or defending.

Even though the Officer has a ton of superb weapons to chose from, I like the S-5 with Reduced Recoil. This high damage blaster has a terrific range, allowing you to pick off enemies from afar while remaining safe behind your team. However, if you’re in a close-quarters battle then consider the SE-44C with the Rapid Fire mod.

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Battlefront 2 Best Officer Star cards

All For One

  • Star Card 1: Bounty Hunter
  • Star Card 2: Resourceful
  • Star Card 3: Blast Command
  • Weapon: SE-44C
    • Mod 1: Rapid Fire
    • Mod 2: Improved Cooling

This build is for those who prefer to play on the frontlines and less about supporting your team. Even though the Officer can already get a comical amount of Battle Points, the Bounty Hunter Star Card is still a terrific choice for this class. With this on, you can easily gain thousands of points within the first few minutes of the game, allowing you to purchase a crucial Hero. Resourceful reduces your abilities’ cooldown and Blast Command acts as a nice way to quickly mow down multiple foes.

For weapons, we recommend SE-44C with the Rapid Fire since it essentially turns this firearm into an assault rifle. It’s a supremely powerful blaster that can rip apart enemies, especially when combined with Blast Command to give you an unlimited cooldown. Alternatively, the new DL-18 is also great since it has the same stats as the SE-44C with a faster rate of fire.

You are now prepared to crush the Rebel scum in Star Wars: Battlefront 2.