Battlefront 2 Heavy Class Guide – The Best Heavy Class Star Cards

For those who prefer to use the biggest of guns in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, the Heavy class is all about laying down a ton of blaster fire and demolishing vehicles. Boasting the Star Wars equivalent of a light machine gun, Heavy units are masters of explosions and suppressing enemy positions. Boasting a plethora of Star Cards and weapons, there are a lot of builds you can craft for this class. However, some abilities are simply better than others, especially in larger, more objective focused maps.

Here’s our breakdown of the two of the best Star Card builds for the Heavy in Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

Best Heavy Class Star Cards

When evaluating the various Star Cards available to the Heavy, we wanted to focus on two separate builds. One that revolves around fighting soldiers and another that caters to destroying vehicles such as AT-ATs or AT-TEs. Additionally, just because your favorite Star Card didn’t make the cut doesn’t mean it’s bad. We are simply looking for solid, synergistic abilities or passives that help the Heavy excel in one of these two categories.

The Tank Buster

  • Star Card 1: Resourceful
  • Star Card 2: Ion Torpedo
  • Star Card 3: Ion Turret or Barrage
  • Weapon: FWMB-10K
    • Mod: Auto Cooling
    • Mod: Ion Shot

This build is all about devastating your opponent’s armor or taking down walking objective points in Walker Assault. The backbone of this build is Resourceful, which reduces the cooldowns of all your abilities, giving you faster access to your vehicle destruction tools. Ion Torpedo is terrific for dealing heavy damage to walkers such as the AT-ST, while the Ion Turret makes for a great trap if you know the path of an enemy tank.

If you want to be a bit more mobile, Barrage is also a solid option since it can be used to also kill groups of enemy soldiers. For weapons we are going with the FWMG-10K since it can get the Ion Shot mod, giving you more damage output towards vehicles. Just remember, you won’t hit normal enemies as hard.

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The Shield

  • Star Card 1:Improved Combat Shield
  • Star Card 2: Defender
  • Star Card 3: Supercharged Sentry
  • Weapon: TL-50
    • Mod: Improved Cooling
    • Mod: Reduced Spread

Inversely, this Star Card build is for people who want to act as a frontline fighter or tank for their team. Designed to soak up damage so your team can take out targets shoots at you, the Improved Combat Shield is an absolute must for this build. It gives you 300 extra health, which is quite a lot when it comes to dealing with typical blaster fire.

Defender just rewards you with more points for being a damage sponge, while Supercharged Sentry turns your middle ability into a devastating, room-clearing weapon. Even though you can use any weapon for this build, I like the TL-50 or DC-15LE thanks to their solid damage and rate of fire. Remember, you will be hip firing for a lot of these engagements, so reducing the spread with a mod is key.

Get out there and bust some clankers, trooper!