Battlefront 2 Assault Class Guide – The Best Assault Class Star Cards

Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s final update has arrived, so it’s time to take one last look at the different classes to determine what are the best Star Cards to use. Revolving around killing other infantry, the Assault Class makes up the backbone of any squad or army. It’s not the flashiest class in Battlefront 2, but these soldiers play a vital role in securing victory thanks to their high damage output and unique pieces of gear. With five different weapons, multiple gun mods, and over a dozen Star Cards, it can be tricky to find a solid build – especially if you’re new to DICE’s shooter.

Best Assault Class Star Cards

To help you out, we’ve come up with two builds that should make you a formidable foe on the battlefield. Even though you are free to use any card that fits your particular playstyle, these are the two loadouts we recommend if you really want to optimize your performance.

Battlefront 2 Assault Class Loudout

The Point Hoarder

  • Star Card 1: Bounty Hunter
  • Star Card 2: Resourceful
  • Star Card 3: Toughen Up
  • Weapon: CR-2
    • Mod: Reduced Recoil

This build is all about gaining as many points as possible so you can purchase a Hero character during a match. Bounty Hunter is the crux of this build, as it lets you gain a 20% more Battle Points once fully leveled up. It’s a superb Star Card that is used by most players due to the sheer value it accumulates during a match. In the second slot is Resourceful, which reduces your ability cooldowns, allowing you to toss grenades, get your Vanguard skill, and healing ability back faster. Similar to Bounty Hunter, this passive benefit cannot be overlooked.

Your third Star Card is Toughen Up, allowing you to quickly heal your soldier both in and out of combat. While it replaces the Scan Dart, being able to rapidly heal can quickly turn the tide in a losing fight or if you’ve been ambushed. As for our weapon, we like the CR-2 due to its low time-to-kill and minimal recoil. However, the gun does suffer at range, so make sure to get in close if you want to be effective.

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The Kill Leader

  • Star Card 1: Marksman
  • Star Card 2: Assault Training or Bodyguard
  • Star Card 3: Toughen Up
  • Weapon 1: E-11D
    • Mod 1: Improved Range
    • Mod 2: Reduced Recoil

If you don’t care at all about playing as a Hero and want to focus on solely playing the Assault Class than this is the build for you. Marksman lets you keep shooting as long as you can land headshots, while Toughen Up offers more survivability in intense battles. Assault Training allows you to take on multiple opponents as once, but there is an argument for using Bodyguard instead since it gives a 45% damage reduction when critically injured.

As for weapons, I prefer to use the new E-11D with Improved Range and Reduced Recoil. Despite the slow rate of fire, this blaster hits extremely hard and rewards those who can land their shots consistently. However, if you’re not as confident in your aim than try the A280 with Improved Range and Cooling. It’s a burst fire blaster and can deal a decent amount of damage from a safe distance. Both are superb options if you prefer to fight at medium range, especially when combined with the MarKsman Star Card.

Now you’re all set to blast your way across the galaxy! Get out there trooper!