Back 4 Blood Cards Guide – How to Unlock New Cards For Your Deck

It's Time To D-D-D-D-Duel

Dust off your shotgun, pack some pills, and don your favorite zombie-killing attire because Back 4 Blood is finally here. A spiritual sequel to the renowned Left 4 Dead, players with be tasked with fighting off hundreds of infected people known as the Ridden. Your job is to take back the cities from these terrifying foes, which is easier said than done. Evening the odds is a new card system that allows players to craft a deck full of buffs, equipment, and abilities. However, if you want to play with friends on higher difficulty settings or just have an easier time battling the Ridden, you’ll need to expand your card collection. Here’s how to obtain new cards in Back 4 Blood so you can craft your ultimate build.

How to Get New Cards

There are two ways to earn cards in Back 4 Blood. The first is by completing Supply Lines, which are accessible from Fort Hope or the menu when you’re not playing the campaign. These are linear reward paths that you can spend supplies on to unlock various rewards like cards and different cosmetic options. You will only start with one Supply Line available at first, but more will become accessible once you complete the starter line. You typically get around 4-7 cards per Supply Line, but the amount definitely varies. Additionally, you can see what cards are available in any given reward path by selecting the Supply Line and highlighting the locked rewards.

I strongly recommend you look through the different cards offered before committing to spending your resources — especially if you’re just starting out. You can earn Supply Points by completing chapters in the Campaign, with higher difficulties rewarding more. While it might be tempting to jump right into Veteran or even Nightmare difficulty, you’ll want to start on Recruit. Those levels of challenge are for players who already have finely tuned decks and a general understanding of what you need to do in each level. After completing a chapter your Supply Points are saved, even if you decide to leave the Act unfinished.

The other method for obtaining cards is by completing secret tasks or achievements throughout Back 4 Blood. Found in the Accomplishments tab under Profile, there are just under a dozen cards you can earn that aren’t available in Supply Lines. For example, if you want the Lucky Pennies card you will need to complete the Bar Room Blitz chapter without the Jukebox ever breaking.

There are also a bunch of cards linked to getting a set amount of kills with each weapon archetype like snipers, submachine guns, and assault rifles. Personally, I wouldn’t worry too much about getting the Accomplishment cards right away. Many of them will unlock naturally as you go through Back 4 Blood’s campaign the first time. Only once you beat it should you focus on unlocking the rest of the cards.

Finally, if you want to experiment with every card in the game (or just see what they do) you can go to “Decks” and select “Solo.” This will bring up every card in the game, allowing you to make a deck that is specifically for the solo game mode. Just remember, you won’t unlock anything or make any progress towards, well, basically anything in solo mode. I would use this solely to test new decks out or get a general idea of what you want your deck builds to look like.