Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Books of Knowledge Guide – Locations & Abilities

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla sees the vikings of Norway venturing into England for some lovely pillaging, and they discover plenty of new curiosities along the way. One of these new curiosities are Books of Knowledge which contain information on unique abilities for Eivor when located and uncovered. Here’s how and where you can track down all the Books of Knowledge scattered around England, plus which ability each one unlocks.

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Books of Knowledge Explained – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

As with many things in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Books of Knowledge aren’t pinpointed on your map of England. When you begin adventuring around England, you’ll note that gold, blue, and white markers appear on the upper bar of your HUD, denoting points of interest nearby.

It’s the gold markers that you want to pay attention to here. These colored markers denote treasure items and loot, and Books of Knowledge very much fall under the former category. When you turn toward a gold marker on your HUD, you’ll see a number underneath that marker, denoting how far you are away from the location itself.

When you’re within fifty meters of the gold marker, hold down the corresponding button to scan your nearby surroundings. Doing this will cause the gold dot to reveal itself as either an Ingot, Gear, Cargo, or Ability deposit. The Ability deposit is denoted by a book, and this lets you know that a Book of Knowledge is waiting there for you to collect.

Acquiring a Book of Knowledge unlocks a dedicated Ability for Eivor. These are different from the Skills purchased through Skill Points, and are assigned to controller buttons for use during combat. One Ability is called Throwing Axe Fury for example, and lets Eivor unleash a hail of axes at nearby opponents. Abilities are tied to specific Books of Knowledge, the locations of which we’ll now outline below. Keep in mind that there are two books for each Ability, and unlocking a second book upgrades the Ability that you’ve already obtained.

Books of Knowledge Locations – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Throwing Axe Fury

Found in the Nottfall town in the Rygjafylke region, in a cave at the back of the village.

Focus of the Nornir

Underneath the Offchurch enemy fort, southwest of Alcestre Monastery in Ledecestrescire. Also found under Bolinbroc Castle, an enemy fort in south Lincolnscire, directly east of Lincoln.

Incendiary Powder Trap

Found in the church in Walden, an enemy town in south Grantebridgescire, southeast of Meldeburne. Also found in the highest tower of an enemy fort on the small island directly in the middle of Suthsexe.

Blinding Rush

Located in the lone Ruined Tower, northern East Anglia. Also found in a ruined church near where Suthsexe, Hamtunscire, and Oxenefordscire meet.

Rage of Helheim

Located in a small church in the west of the city of Jorvik. Also found within a small cave in Rygjafylke, to the northeast of Kyorve’s Fortress.

Kick of Tyr

In the Threaded Pass enemy camp, just south of the Derwent River in the Eurvicscire region. Also found in Ulkerthorpe Fort, in the southern half of Snotinghamscire along the mountain range.

Rush and Bash

Found in the enemy fort in Grantebridgescire, south of Meldeburne and west of Walden.

Also found underneath Dunwic fort, on the east coast of East Anglia.

Thorn of Slumber

Under a watchtower in Rygjafylke, south of Nottfall town. Can also be found in Dover Fortress.

Focus of the Nornir

Found under Bolinbroc Castle, an enemy fort in south Lincolnscire, directly east of Lincoln.

Man’s Best Friend

In a small enemy fort directly outside the northern wall of Lunden.

Feign Death

In a small enemy fort in some Roman ruins, near the western border of Oxenefordscire. Also found in a bandit camp in Aelfwood, east Glowecestrescire.

Vengeance of Thor

In a small hut in the town of Oxeneforda, on the western border of Oxenefordscire. Also found in a small hut in Thieves’ Warren, a hostile camp in central Glowecestrescire.

Poisonous Powder Trap

Located in Odin Mine Hideout, along the northern half of the very western edge of Snotinghamscire.

Harpoon Impalement

Found in Venonis, northwest of Alcestre Monastery in south Ledecestrescire. Also found in the tower of Sancta Helena’s Church, in north Colcestre.

Harpoon Impalement

Axe Blizzard

Found in the ruined church east of East Anglia, west of the Yare River marker. Also found in the Wincestre Garrison, in the southwestern portion of Wincestre, within the Hamtunscire region.

Raven Distraction

Within the Tonnastadir enemy encampment, in the west of Ledecestrescire and northeast of Dudmastun Lake. Also found directly southwest of Colcestre, in an enemy encampment within an old church.

Piercing Shot

Found in Templebrough Fort in Ledecestrescire, south of Fascartin and north of Sudwell Monstery. Also found in the northern half of Lincoln town in the region of Lincolnscire.

Mark of Death

Located in Meldeburne village, a raid location southwest of Grantebridge. Also found in a cellar underneath Alrekstad, a village in west Hordfylke in Norway.

Dive of the Valkyries

Found in the raid location of the Isle of Ely Monastery, east of Ravensthorpe. Also found in the Lolingestone Bandit Camp, next to the river running around Lunden on the southeastern side.

We should mention that although this is a complete list of every Book of Knowledge in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, this doesn’t mean you’ll unlock every ability in the game. We’ve collected every Book of Knowledge in England and Norway, but there are a few abilities left unaccounted for.