Apex Legends Heirloom Guide – How to Get Revenant’s Heirloom

We’re halfway through Season 9 of Apex Legends and there’s a new event to participate in. Titled “Genesis,” this event revolves around bringing back the Season 1 version of King’s Canyon and Season 3 version of World’s Edge. Both of these map variants haven’t been seen since their original release, making this a rather nostalgic event for veteran players. Along with these returning maps, users can also earn (or pay) for new cosmetics such as legend skins, emotes, banners, and gun charms. Of course, the most expensive (and coveted) item available during this event is the new heirloom for Revenant. A large, two-handed scythe, this is one of the coolest looking heirlooms in the entire game. Here’s how to earn this item and how much it will cost you!

Apex Legends Revenant Heirloom

How to Get Revenant’s Heirloom

Unfortunately, there are still only two ways to earn heirlooms in Apex Legends. The first is during the Genesis event, which requires you to purchase every cosmetic item in the event tab via the Genesis Event Packs. Each pack guarantees you only one cosmetic from the event, however, you will never receive a duplicate. There’s also a higher chance to receive base legendary tier items. This means you will need to purchase a total of 24 loot boxes to unlock Revenant’s heirloom. You can only buy Event Packs in either groups of 10 for 7,000 Apex Coins or individually for 700 Apex Coins each.

Breaking down the numbers, you would need to purchase $160 USD in Apex Coins just to have enough to buy all of the Event Packs. This, of course, assumes you bought two sets of ten and then the last four by themselves for 700 Coins each. You can reduce this price a little by purchasing the offers in the Genesis event store, but it won’t save you much. Typically, the store is mainly for those who only want to buy specific, popular legend skins rather than the entire suite. Keep in mind, this cannot be earned any other way during the event. If you cannot afford all of these loot boxes then you’re going to have to go with the second option which is to open up Apex Packs.

Unfortunately, this isn’t ideal either. Heirloom Shards are guaranteed after 500 Apex Packs are open and have a very, very small chance of dropping before this milestone. The problem is, even by reaching level 500 you won’t have opened enough to nab some Heirloom Shards. So you’ll either need to purchase packs or hope the ones from the seasonal battle pass are enough. If you do have Heirloom Shards, you’ll need to wait until the Genesis event is over to buy Revenant’s scythe.

Apex Legends Revenant Heirloom

Genesis Event Details

For the unfamiliar, the Genesis event is all about embracing Apex Legeneds’ past. For two weeks players can play on both the Season 1 version of King’s Canyon and the Season 3 version of World’s Edge. These map variants haven’t been seen since their initial release, making this a rather nostalgic event. The famed Skull Town location in King’s Canyon is also being made into an Arena’s map so you can enjoy the chaotic urban combat even after Genesis ends.

Along with these additions, there’s also a collection of nerfs and buffs for various legends going live. This includes Revenant now being able to essentially climb any building or structure without falling. However, his Tactical’s duration was reduced by 5 seconds and the assassin’s Ultimate now has a 150-meter effective range. Octane’s Ultimate’s cooldown increased by 30 seconds and Bloodhound’s abilities got a slight nerf. While these won’t shake up the meta too much, it will be interesting to see all the new flanking opportunities open up for Revenant players.

Apex Legends Genesis is now live on every platform.



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