Apex Legends Crafting Guide – How to Use the Replicator

Apex Legends’ Season 6 is finally here and it’s introducing a plethora of new changes. Along with a new legend, Volt SMG, and map changes, players can now craft gear in the middle of a match. Tied to the Replicator, these crafting stations are scattered all throughout World’s Edge for aspiring legends to utilize. These are great for all stages of the match, as it allows players to quickly obtain ammo, healing materials, weapons, and even upgrades to their armor. Given how critical some of the gear they offer will be, you’ll want to have a firm understanding of crafting before you try to climb that Ranked ladder!

Where to Get Crafting Materials

Crafting materials are pretty easy to find in World’s Edge, as they’re located in harvesters that are found in points of interest such as Epicenter. However, these extractors are also in some of the smaller towns or bases that you’ll come across between named locations. Where they spawn appears to be completely random, so don’t always count on them being in the same place twice. These items will be marked on your map by a crafting icon and look like the image above. To extract the Materials, just approach the machine and hit the interact button. You’ll gain 25 Materials per extractor, so they are definitely worth visiting.

Additionally, you can gain Materials by just opening up supply chests. This drop rate is far lower so you shouldn’t count on this to be your primary method for gathering Materials. You also cannot loot Materials off dead bodies, so don’t rely on ripping these from people you kill.

How to Craft & Use the Replicator

To use the Replicator, approach the bright orange machine that’s drilled into the ground. When you get close, the game will prompt you to use the Replicator. This will lock you into a short animation before a radial menu appears on the screen. This menu is broken up into eight unique choices across five different categories. Next to each item will be a symbol with the number of crafting materials required. Prices will vary depending on what you’re getting, with some items like Portable Respawn Beacons costing far more than say ammo or a Medkit.

Because of this, I recommend just using your Materials on key attachments, armor, and gear. Keep in mind, anything that is in the Daily or Weekly slot will not drop in the world. This means if a Devotion LMG is in the Weekly spot, you will have to wait a week for it to start dropping in the world. You can check what’s in the crafting station by viewing the sub-menu to the right of where you pick which game mode you want to play. Always make sure to look at this, as it will give you vital information and let you plan ahead. For example, currently, you cannot get a Level 3 Knockdown Shield from anywhere but the Crafting Materials. So if you want this possible lifesaver, then save up your Materials when you land.

Apex Legends’ Season 6 is now live on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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