Apex Legends Caustic Room Guide – How to Open Caustic Treatment’s Room

Apex Legends’ latest event, Chaos Theory, has officially arrived. Bringing Caustic’s Town Takeover, a host of new collectibles, buffs, nerfs, and changes to the ring, Chaos Theory will certainly shake things up. A new location has appeared in King’s Canyon where Water Treatment once stood. Now dubbed “Caustic Treatment,” this location has a solid amount of loot along with a few secrets for players to uncover. While many will focus on just trying to survive, there’s actually a hidden room that only Caustic or Wattson can access.

How to Access the Secret Caustic Treatment Room

The actual room itself is quite easy to reach, but your main issue will be all the players landing in Caustic Treatment. Since it’s a new Point of Interest (POI), a ton of users are to be expected every time you land. Additionally, to access this room you have to either be Caustic or Wattson. If someone else is playing these characters then they will need to be the ones to open the door.

Apex Legends Caustic Treatment Room

When you are dropping in Caustic Treatment, head for the back of the POI where the two landing pads are. When you arrive, head towards the building but do not go through the main door. Instead, you’ll see a vent just above eye level. While it may seem high, you can climb just high enough to pull yourself into this area. Once in the vent, approach the control panel by the door as either Caustic or Wattson and interact with it. This will open both doors permanently, allowing you (and enemies) access to this room.

Apex Legends Caustic Treatment Room

You can now interact with the computer terminal to get some backstory about Caustic’s experiments and his relationship with Wattson. Again, this room will be open to everyone so make sure you aren’t followed by an enemy team. It’s very easy to become trapped in this room and killed — especially if they have grenades. At the time of writing this, there are no rewards for visiting this room and accessing the computer records. It’s solely for those invested in Apex Legends’ characters and lore.

Along with this room, any player can also use one of the two terminals inside the plant to drain the toxic chemicals from the ground. This will open up the four cylinders in the main chamber, revealing four random gold tier items. Be careful, as you only have about 30 seconds to jump down, snag the loot, and climb to safety because the room will refill with toxins. Additionally, it will play a very loud noise when you do this, alerting everyone in and around the POI. Having dropped and survived this location multiple times already, I strongly suggest you save grabbing the gold loot for after you’ve killed everyone. It’s a big risk to try and go down there since the only cover is the walls and those cylinders. Plus, getting downed in the toxin pretty much seals your fate.

While the Ring Fury event is limited, Caustic Treatment is a permanent POI. Feel free to visit this secret room whenever the hype around this location dies down.


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