Apex Legends Badges Guide – The Rarest & Toughest Badges to Earn (April 2022)

Apex Legends players really like showing off their accomplishments to the entire arena. Unlike other battle royales, players can earn badges for each character which are placed on their banner. These colorful icons act as the game’s version of achievements, allowing users to boast about getting four thousand damage during a match or 100 consecutive wins in Arenas. Popular to the point of people selling services to earn badges, everyone is clamoring to have the most impressive banner on the battlefield. However, with so many badges and new ones added all year, one has to wonder: what are the rarest and hardest badges to unlock?

This can be a bit tricky to quantify at first glance because there are a ton of seasonal and event badges you cannot earn right now. Some of those, like the early season badges, are fairly uncommon since people either didn’t earn them or weren’t playing. Because of this, I am only including badges you can earn right now at the time of writing this. If I didn’t, most of this list would be early season badges and that’s no fun since you won’t have anything to grind for. I will be using a mix of my own lengthy knowledge of the game combined with ApexLegendStatus’ statistics which is gathered from a little over eight million players.

The Hardest Badges to Earn

Honorable Mention: High Energy Badge Tier 4

Look, if you drink enough Monster Energy drinks to get the High Energy Badge Tier 4, you’ve earned it. Wear it with pride before your heart gives out from all that caffeine and sugar you just downed.

4K Damage Badge (Legend’s Wrath IV)

When it comes to damage badges, the 4K is the hardest to acquire. While you can cheese it by forcing yourself into lower-skilled lobbies, there’s still a remarkable amount of luck (and skill) that goes into acquiring one. Just finding enough people to even deal four thousand damage is your first hurdle, which can be tricky when half the lobby dies off within the first couple minutes. You also need to have enough ammo and the game sense to know when to actually disengage if something is going wrong. Sure, naturally skilled players will have an easier time with this, but that doesn’t make the badge any easier to obtain.

20 Kill Badge (Legend’s Wake)

Another unsurprising choice, Legend’s Wake requires players to kill 20 people during a single match. Now look, sometimes you’re lucky to even see 20 players — let alone kill all of them. This makes it one of the toughest badges to earn, as there is a tremendous amount of actual luck involved. Not only will you need to land where everyone else is, but you’ll have to kill most of them and then hopefully find more people before it’s too late. There are a lot of things that need to go right to even have a chance at nabbing this badge in normal games. I haven’t even touched on the level of skill needed to actually kill 20 players. However, you can cheese this a little by having your teammates help you weaken foes first.

Arenas Win Streak

Setting aside the fact you need to play Arenas for this badge, to earn the best version of this you need to hit 100 consecutive wins in this mode. This means you have to win 100 times without losing a single match in either Ranked or normal Arenas. Unlike the battle royale badges which you can cheese a bit, this one is all about raw skill and teamwork. Being able to claim victory so many times without losing once is insanely impressive and perhaps the rarest badge you can currently earn in the entire game outside of achieving the rank of Apex Predator.

Triple Triple

For as easy as this badge sounds, it can be tricky to earn. For Triple Triple you need to kill all three members of three different squads in a single match. At first glance, this sounds simple, but you swiftly learn that killing three members of a single team can be a bit tricky. If you’re playing with randoms, you’ll need to hope they don’t accidentally drop someone or that your kills aren’t stolen by a third party. Additionally, this is something that can only be earned in Trios which makes it tough to solo. My best advice if you’re going for this badge is to get a pre-made squad and then have them weaken the enemy team so you can secure the kills.

Win Streak Tier 4

Obtaining Win Streak Tier 4 is exceptionally straightforward because all you need to do is win five games in a row. Simple right? While this badge will be easier for those who are highly skilled at the game, other users will find obtaining five consecutive wins extremely difficult. There are always so many factors at play when you load into a game of Apex Legends, that luck absolutely plays some part in this badge. Keep in mind, this badge doesn’t count Control or Arenas, meaning you have to do this in the regular BR mode. If you’re serious about getting this badge, make sure to play with people your comfortable with and act as if it’s ranked. Don’t take risky fights or just run straight into fights. Play for the win, not the big kill/damage games.

Team. Work.

Team. Work. is probably one of the toughest badges in the entire game that doesn’t involve your rank. Starting off easy enough, each member will need to get one kill each to progress. However, as you go up the ten levels, the number of kills required for each member in your team increases. Meaning if you are at 6/10 on the badge’s progression that means everyone on your squad needs to get six kills each. This culminates in every member of your pre-made squad needing a whopping 10 kills each to complete the badge. You heard me right. To finish this badge your squad needs a collective 30 kills which is a lot. Not only will you need to find 30 people, but ensure everyone on your squad has enough kills to actually progress the badge. It’s a bit of a headache and will take a very skilled (and lucky) team to complete.

At least you can make progress towards it on every character instead of being tied to a single legend.

Apex Predator

Look, I know all of you would be upset if I didn’t include this, so here it is. Apex Predator is the highest rank someone can achieve in the game’s ranked mode. Exclusive to the top 750 players in ranked, this fiery red badge is the pinnacle for many Apex Legends players. Outside of being boosted or outright cheating, there’s no easy way to earn this badge. It comes down to raw skill, game sense, and working with your teammates. It’s a badge that many won’t earn, but it’s certainly one of, if not the highest, display of skill an Apex Legends banner can showcase.