Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide – Every Wedding Season Item

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Wedding Season event has begun, so it’s time to break out your decorating and photography skills. For this event, you’ll be tasked by Harvey to take anniversary photos throughout the entire month of June for Reese and Cyrus. This involves setting up the venue to meet their requests so you can earn Heart Crystals. These are a new event in-game currency you can earn and spend to purchase wedding-themed items such as benches, a cake, and even a massive pipe organ. There’s a rather long list of items you can purchase from Cyrus, all of which are only obtainable during the event and for Heart Crystals.

You will earn Heart Crystals from Reese after each anniversary photoshoot. There is one a day for 30 days and you can ear up to 11 Heart Crystals from her. The amount you get depends on how you use the decorations you earn and if they meet her specific criteria. She will explain before you can place items that the duo is looking for today. After you take the photo, speaking to her will earn you some Heart Crystals which are an inventory item.

Every Wedding Season Furniture Item

Here’s a complete list of every Wedding Season item you can purchase from Cyrus:

  • Wedding Bench – 5 Heart Crystals
  • Wedding Decorations – 3 Heart Crystals
  • Wedding Table – 6 Heart Crystals
  • Wedding Chair 3 Heart Crystals
  • Wedding Flower Stand – 4 Heart Crystals
  • Wedding Candle Set – 4 Heart Crystals
  • Wedding Head Table – 6 Heart Crystals
  • Wedding Cake – 5 Heart Crystals
  • Wedding Pipe Organ – 40 Heart Crystals
  • Wedding Arch – 20 Heart Crystals
  • Wedding Welcome Board – 5 Heart Crystals
  • White Wedding Wall -12 Heart Crystals
  • Wedding-party Wall – 12 Heart Crystals
  • Brown Wedding Wall – 12 Heart Crystals
  • Green Wedding Wall – 12 Heart Crystals
  • White Wedding Flooring – 12 Heart Crystals
  • Brown Wedding Flooring – 12 Heart Crystals
  • Green Wedding Flooring – 12 Heart Crystals
  • Blue Wedding Rug – 4 Heart Crystals
  • Red Wedding Rug – 4 Heart Crystals
  • White Wedding Rug – 4 Heart Crystals
  • Cake Dress – 20 Heart Crystals
  • Wedding Tuxedo – 20 Heart Crystals
  • Wedding Pumps – 6 Heart Crystals
  • Wedding Shoes – 6 Heart Crystals
  • Bridal Veil – 12 Heart Crystals

Additionally, you can earn three DIYs from the couple during the event. You will earn the Wedding Fence after a week of taking photos. It costs 5 iron nuggets and 3 softwood to make 10 of these fences, which is pretty cheap compared to other options. You will also get the DIY for the Wedding Wand, which is just a cute bouquet of flowers. To build this you will need one Wedding Flower Stand which costs 4 Heart Crystals and 3 star fragments.

More Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Since you can only order 8 items at a time, you will want to plan when you actually purchase items. You cannot purchase everything at once, so take your time and spend your crystals. Nintendo hasn’t informed players what will happen after the event since you can have extra Heart Crystals, even if you purchase everything once during the event.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Wedding Season event runs from today until June 30.


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