Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wedding Season Guide – How to Start the Event

A new event for Animal Crossing: New Horizons arrived today and it’s all about the magic of love. Called the Wedding Season event, players will venture out to Harv’s island to help Reese and Cyrus take photos for their anniversary. However, the game isn’t great at explaining what you need to do, especially if you have been time traveling. Since all of this doesn’t take place on your island, it’s actually pretty easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. Here’s a quick rundown of the Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s event and how to start it.

How to Start the Wedding Season Event

When you boot up Animal Crossing: New Horizons you are supposed to get a phone call from Harvey when you exit your home. He will inform you that he needs help and you should venture to his island via the airport. However, this actually didn’t happen to me when I exited my home despite it being June 1. I suspect this is because I was time traveling throughout June, which caused the phone call to never trigger.

Don’t fear, the actual call isn’t required to start the event. When you exit your home, head to the airport, and speak to Orville. Explain that you want to visit someone’s island and then select Harv’s Island when the option presents itself. When you arrive approach Harv, Reese, and Cyrus who are having a chat outside their home. Harv will ask you to help them with the photo session, which will transport you and the happy couple inside the studio.

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Reese will then explain that she wants you to decorate the room for her and then take a photo. This is pretty easy to do since she will put a bunch of handy items in your storage for you to use. Decorating the room is done the same way as it is for your villager’s house. Just press down on the D-Pad to open up the decorating menu and then right on the D-Pad to look at the event. Storage. Now select the item you want and then place it wherever it fits. You don’t need to build anything for this event. What the theme is of her wedding will change every day, so pay attention to what she asks you for. Once you’re done, talk to Reese until she asks you to take the photo for her.

Now open up your camera, take a picture of them, and then go speak to Reese one last time. She will thank you and give you the Wedding Bench furniture piece. You’ll also receive some Heart Crystals, which is a new event currency that can be turned in to Cyrus for wedding-themed items. These are only available during the event, so make sure to grab all the wedding furniture pieces you can before they vanish. You can only purchase eight items from Cyrus at a time, so plan accordingly. If you’ve wanted to have a nice little wedding venue for your island then make sure to check in with the couple every day!


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