Animal Crossing: New Horizons Stamp Guide – Museum Day Stamp Locations

The latest event for Animal Crossing: New Horizons has arrived and it’s about Blathers’ museum. This event revolves around collecting stamps hidden throughout the museum to earn special prizes from Blathers. It’s a relatively simplistic event that requires you to find hidden stamp stands throughout three of the four main exhibits in the museum.

After completing each section you will earn a prize from Blathers the next time you speak to him. It doesn’t seem to matter if you have anything in your museum, just find the hidden yellow boxes and interact with them to gain a stamp. Additionally, the locations of the stamp boxes are completely random. There are several spots each can appear, below we will list where we found ours. 

These are big yellow boxes with a red owl on them, so just doing a quick run around the museum should allow you to find their location. There is only three per room and the art gallery is not included since that wing is contingent on you finding Redd to unlock it.

Fish Exhibit Stamp Locations

The first stamp box is found in the freshwater room you first enter when you enter the door to the right of Blathers. Run down to the lower level by the pond and interact with the stamp box next to the glass. Now move to the next room and approach the massive tank that holds the majority of the larger fish. You should see a stamp box right in front of this tank. Finally, go up the stairs to your left and enter the room where the Sea Butterfly exhibit is. Run up the ramps to find the final stamp box resting against the wall.

Bug Exhibit Stamp Locations

After your done with the aquarium, make your way to where you display all your creepy crawlies. When you enter the first room, run straight down the stairs, and then go up the stairs directly to your right. You should see the stamp box on a deck adjacent to a nice bench. You’ll now want to the back right corner of the same room where the massive tree is.

On the far right near another bench will be the second stamp box. Finally head north until you enter into the room with all the terrariums. Go up the first set of stairs to your right to find the second stamp box near the lab where there is a butterfly and some cocoons.

Fossil Exhibit Stamp Locations

With only the fossil exhibit left, go down the stairs in the main lobby and into the vertebrates room. The first stamp box will be directly to your right in the corner and is almost impossible to miss. If you thought that was simple wait till you get to the next room. Once you enter the main exhibit you will be greeted by two stamp boxes right in front of you.

You have until May 31 to complete these stamp collections and earn your prizes. After that, the event will no longer be available along with the three plaques.


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