Animal Crossing: New Horizons Art Guide – How to Unlock the Art Wing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ next major update is here and it’s introducing the world of fine art into this colorful, adorable game. Along with Leif. players will be able to interact with Redd, who will sell you a piece of art. These can then be donated at the Museum or displayed in your home if you prefer to show off how rich you are compared to other Villagers. However, like most things in Animal Crossing, unlocking the art wing in the museum and Redd is a multi-day process so break out your time machine!

How to Unlock the Museum’s Art Wing

To unlock Redd you will need to visit your island twice following the latest update. The first time you arrive you’ll be introduced to Leif, so go say hello and then move time forward one day. When you load back in, Isabella will announce that there’s a shady-looking character wandering around. This is Redd and you can typically find him away from your main village.

When you speak to Redd he will offer you some art at an insane price but keep talking to this fox until he drops the price. Purchase the piece of art and then take it to Blathers at the museum. He will be overjoyed and explain that he is opening up a new wing in the museum. Now you’ll need to wait an additional two days for the museum to actually finish its expansion.

After the designated time has passed, you will be informed that the new art wing of the museum has finished construction. Redd’s boat will also appear, but you won’t be able to actually enter it until you speak to him again. He should be walking around your island again, so go look for him and speak to this fox. He will invite you back to his ship which is typically located in a hard to reach location like a hidden beach.

From here you can buy works of art or rare piece of furniture to decorate your house with. Be warned, because Redd will also sell you fake pieces of art which can be difficult to distinguish from the real thing. But these works are based on real ones so you can easily compare the two paintings to see if Redd is selling a genuine work of art. Redd only arrives on your island randomly, however, others are reporting that he sometimes took a bit longer. It’s unclear if there’s a specific day or time he likes to show up yet, so check back with us once we know for sure!


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