Among Us The Skeld Map Guide – Map, Vents, & Tips for Moving Around

Have you ever wanted to betray your friends and make them question their trust in you for weeks? If you answered “Yes,” than developer InnerSloth’s Among Us is the game for you. This multiplayer games tasks players with repairing a futuristic base as 1-2 fake crewmates attempt to systematically murder the opposing users. Among Us encourages people to only talk during specific “Discussion” moments to level the playing field for the imposters. This crafts tense scenarios, where people attempt to deflect, accuse, and save themselves from being ejected into space.

One of the keys to surviving Among Us is a core understanding of the three different maps. Each one comes with their own mini-games and challenges that you’ll need to understand as both the crewmate or imposter. Here’s a breakdown of The Skeld’s map, which is most likely the first level you’ve experienced in Among Us.

Among Us The Skeld Map

The Skeld Map

Above is the general layout of The Skeld’s map. At the beginning of the game and after each discussion, players will start in the cafeteria. From here they can branch out to any of the thirteen additional rooms to complete their tasks. Every corridor features doorways that the imposters can lock, making it impossible for crewmate to pass through until an invisible timer expires. One of the most important rooms on the map is the Admin room, as this contains a map players can interact with to see where everyone is. This includes when imposters use vents to jump between locations, making it a handy sleuthing tool for the savvy player.

Additionally, there are fourteen vents that the imposters can use. All of the vents aren’t connected, so knowing where they go will be important if you want to escape suspicion after a clean kill. Below is a map of The Skeld with the vent locations marked in red and which vents are connected in green.  I strongly recommend either memorizing or having this map present when you are playing. The last thing you want is to kill someone and pop out in a vent where people are! Always, always, always make sure no one is around you when exiting a vent.

The Skeld Beginner Tips

The Skeld is a big map and it’s easy to get lost as you roam the hallways. Try to complete your tasks in either a counter-clockwise or clockwise rotation if you are a crewmate. This will let you quickly pick up where you left off after meetings and keep you from aimlessly wandering throughout the level. Additionally, there are three minigames that have visual signifiers that other users can see when you finish them. These are the medical scan in Medbay, destroying asteroids in Weapons, and flushing out the garbage in Storage.

Save these tasks for after your first discussion with the crew. Since imposters cannot physically complete tasks, you can prove you’re not a killer by showing the rest of the crew via the visual signifiers. This is perfect for driving away suspicion while giving you more power during discussions if you call someone out. As for imposters, you’ll want to try and isolate players who foolish roam by themselves. Make use of the vents to jump around the level right after a kill. Also, try to stay with the group or have a plausible alibi that others can corroborate.

For example, say you want to kill someone in Electrical, but there is a group in the Reactor. Hangout in the reactor for a few seconds so people see you, then quickly go to Security, use the vent, kill the crewmate in Electrical and then take the vent back so you can join the group. This makes it seem as if you’ve been either with or near the group so you couldn’t possibly have killed that poor bastard in Electrical. You always want to have an excuse, otherwise, people will most likely send your butt hurtling into the void!