Alatreon Weakness Guide – MHW Tips & Ailment Guide

The Blazing Black Dragon has a very tricky weakness, and it's good at finding yours, too.

Nailing down just one Alatreon weakness in MHW is a tricky thing… The Blazing Black Dragon of the Monster Hunter world doesn’t have just one! Instead it changes periodically through the fight, similar to Lavasioth. Unlike the big magma fish, though, Alatreon can also target your weaknesses on the fly — changing its form to hit you with different elemental damage and blights. That makes it one tricky as hell battle. Targeting its weakness (whatever that may be at the time) is key! So let’s take a look at how to target them in our Alatreon weakness guide to MHW.

Note: This guide is currently based on information from past Monster Hunter games and speculation. We’ll update it with confirmed details once Iceborne May 2020 title update is live on consoles an PC. Until then, take the information with a grain of salt! Said update will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC simultaneously (as the different versions are set to sync up with this update).

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Luckily, Alatreon never uses all of its elements at the same time! And in previous games, it’s incapable of using Water damage at all. So you don’t need to worry about your level of resistance in that respect. Otherwise it mostly flutters between two forms (which also determine its own weakness). When Alatreon flies into the air, it will rain down Ice and Thunder attacks upon the hunters. At this point it has traditionally been weakest to Fire. But when it’s on the ground, slamming you with Dragon and Fire attacks of its own, Alatreon becomes weakest to Water.

In previous Monster Hunter games, Alatreon was always susceptible to both Paralysis and Sleep ailments. If you’re not up to switch loadouts on the fly, it might make sense to focus on one of these two methods. The one element you should absolutely avoid, at least when it’s in the air, is Thunder. Alatreon becomes totally immune to that damage when it’s flying around.

As always, we’ll update this guide with fresh information if anything changes, or if past details don’t hold up!alatreon weakness monster hunter


Alatreon Tips – MHW Guide

Other Alatreon include going for its body parts. Alatreon doesn’t have anything too special to worry about in this regard. You can damage its wings, horns, and front claws, much as you might expect. It’s also possible to sever its tail for an extra carve! Although it’s often best to focus on the aforementioned horns. Breaking these will stop Alatreon from charging itself with sparkling, blue power — limiting the amount of time it can spend in Flight Mode. You can also postpone the dangerous Flight Mode by dealing a significant amount of damage to its horns while you see it charging up.

It’s important to keep the creature out of Flight Mode as much as possible. Besides its altered damage types and weakness, it just becomes a huge pain to damage. While it doesn’t have a wind aura (like Kushala Daora), it can produce pockets of wind that will blow back midair hunters. Insect Glaive users will have a tough time during this fight — unless you can keep the sucker on the ground.

Flash Pods come in super handy as well. They will knock the standard creature to the ground out of Flight Mode, just like a normal monster. That’s your opportunity to get a few hits in and hopefully break those horns!

For more details on Alatreon, be sure to check back after the big Iceborne update in May! Until then, happy hunting.


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