Alatreon Weakness Guide – MHW Tips & Ailment Guide

The Blazing Black Dragon has a very tricky weakness, and it's good at finding yours, too.

Nailing down just one Alatreon weakness in MHW is a tricky thing… The Blazing Black Dragon of the Monster Hunter world doesn’t have just one! Instead it changes periodically through the fight, similar to Lavasioth. Unlike the big magma fish, though, Alatreon can also target your weaknesses on the fly — changing its form to hit you with different elemental damage and blights. That makes it one tricky as hell battle. Targeting its weakness (whatever that may be at the time) is key! So let’s take a look at how to target them in our Alatreon weakness guide to MHW.

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Luckily, Alatreon never uses all of its elements at the same time! And as in previous games, it’s incapable of using Water damage at all. So you don’t need to worry about your level of resistance in that respect. Otherwise it now flutters between three forms (which also determine its weaknesses) in order. These are now Fire, Dragon, and Ice forms, which correspond to the color of the dragon itself. Ice form is blue, Dragon form is dark red with black, and Fire form is an orange hue.

What element works best for you and when, however, depends dramatically on the mission you’re playing. In the initial special assignment called “Blazing Black Twilight,” Alatreon starts in Fire Mode, switches to Dragon Mode, and ends in Ice. Then the process repeats. That is unless you can break the horns during Dragon Mode! This will keep the Elder Dragon from switching again. Knowing its elemental weaknesses and exploiting them is massively important, too, for reasons we’ll go into below.

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Alatreon Tips – MHW Guide

Other Alatreon tips include going for its body parts. You can damage its wings, horns, and front claws, much as you might expect. It’s also possible to sever its tail for an extra carve! Although it’s often best to focus on the aforementioned horns. Breaking these will completely remove Alatreon’s ability to switch to a third mode. However, it appears you can only break Alatreon horns when it is in Dragon Mode.

More important than breaking body parts, however, it is now vital to damage Alatreon with elemental damage. The Blazing Black Dragon has a power move called Escaton Judgment. This shockwave will completely annihilate an unprepared party. However, hitting the beast with elemental damage mitigates this damage before it’s ever dealt. You can also heal with Dust of Life and Astera Jerky. However, Farcasters are disabled during Escaton Judgment. It’s also worth noting that Blast and Poison are status effects, not elemental types. So they won’t help you here. Sorry, but your Lightbreak weapons are no longer the be-all end-all!

One key tip is to pick the right elemental damage for the job. And that depends entirely on the mission you select. When you first fight Alatreon, during the Blazing Black Twilight special assignment, it always begins by using fire and switches up accordingly. Naturally, ice damage is best to start with — or make sure you have dragon damage to break those horns at a moment’s notice.

Once you finish the assignment, there will be two event quests to choose from: “The Evening Star” and “Dawn of the Death Star.” The former mission works just like the special assignment, going from fire, to dragon, to ice. Whereas Dawn of the Death Star is just the opposite. Once you have the pattern down, though, you just need to make sure you match the damage you’re doing to its weaknesses. They look like the following

  • Fire Mode is weak to ice damage.
  • Ice Mode is weak to fire damage.
  • Dragon mode is weak to dragon damage (and the only phase of the fight that lets you break horns).

Natural partbreaker from the Switch Axe or Gunlance will also help break those pesky horns. Flash Pods come in super handy as well. They will knock the standard creature to the ground out of Flight Mode, just like a normal monster. That’s your opportunity to get a few hits in and hopefully break those horns! Just bear in mind that Alatreon is only weak to Flash Pods when it is not enraged.

Astera Jerky is also your friend. The Alatreon shockwave attack works just like Supernova from Lunastra. That is to say, it does “red health” damage rather than direct damage. Spamming the instant Astera Jerky will refill your health as it drains and help you survive through Escaton Judgment. Astera Jerky also combos with Wide-Range. That means support builds are helpful when playing with friends and strangers.

Oh… The classic “Superman Dive” move we all love so much does not work here, either. Sorry.

For more details on Alatreon, be sure to check back after we spend more time with the big Iceborne update! Until then, happy hunting.


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