8 Path Borders for Your Default Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Paths

There are a ton of custom paths created by the Animal Crossing: New Horizons community. The problem is you’re limited in the number of designs you can have at any given time. Because of this, you need to decide if you want to have a really intricate custom path that will likely take up all of your design space. The other alternative is to spruce up the existing paths that come with the game with custom path borders. That’s what we’re highlighting today and we’ll be offering some recommendations for the popular path types. Keep in mind that these borders can technically go on any path type, they’ve just been designed with a particular one in mind.

Keep in mind that, for the most part, these paths will take up eight total slots. Four for each side and four for the corners.

Please do let us know if any of these are no longer available on the creator’s page!

Wood Path Borders

The most commonly searched for wood borders are ones which make it appear as if the wood itself is elevated. This relatively simple addition will allow you to build platforms, decks, and more!

Creator Code: MA-2983-6772-8811

If you want a proper border, the one above by Suenden-Hund is a popular option as it helps the roads feel more purposeful rather than a smattering interconnected decks.

Creator Code: MA-9103-6349-0656

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Stone Path Borders

The first stone path border is by HumanTail. Even though they say it could use more depth, it’s currently the most popular border on the Animal Crossing QR Codes subreddit.

Creator Code: MA-9636-3444-6679

Our next code is a more brick styled stone border which comes complete with special corners for your path ends.

Creator Code: MA-0963-9084-6644

And lastly we have an actual brick border for your stone paths. Feel free to use them for your brick paths too though! This one comes with both short and long corners so you can pick and choose which ones you want.

Creator Code: MA-3702-3247-6488

Brick Path Borders

If you’re like me and need a border for your brick pathways, the above design by JuliaReedus is exactly what I wanted. It provides needed structure and has the great white accents between bricks to really make the path stand out.

Creator Code: MA-6314-5810-3052

Terracotta Path Borders

For those of you who prefer the lighter terracotta style paths, you also have two options. You can go with a higher contrast, starker border or something that compliments the pathway.

The above path, by petrichorally also makes it feel like your grass zones are slightly elevated.

Creator Code: MA-2579-1401-1104

Below, TRNano-Byte’s has more contrast.

Creator Code: MA-3702-3247-6488

And that’s it for now! Have you discovered some path borders that you’d recommend to other players? Let us know in the comments below. There will always be folks on the lookout for the next new thing.


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