All 5 Lost Journal Locations in Sea of Thieves’ Captains of the Damned

Sea of Thieves is getting its biggest and most exciting update yet. Tied in with Season 3, the new “A Pirate’s Life” update will see this swashbuckling world cross swords with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. Not only will this season revolve around a brand new storyline, but it will introduce a host of changes to the game’s world. Along with new story content, players can complete challenges tied to the new Tall Tales. Finishing all of these will unlock new cosmetics for your pirate, so it’s definitely worth beating as many as possible. One of these requires you to find five of the Lost Journals in Captains of the Damned.

Lost Journal Locations – Lost Memories Commendation

Sea of Thieves Lost Journal

Lost Journal One

The first Lost Journal is obtainable after you take the Flame of Souls in the bayou. Once obtained, you wills ee a rowboat behind you that’s facing down a river. Hop into the boat and follow the small stream until you reach the larger river you originally sailed down. To your left, you will see a small shack along the river’s edge with a lantern. Swim over to this and ignite the lantern with the Flame of Souls. This will spawn a ghost book on the bench behind you next to the banjo. Spooky!

Sea of Thieves Lost Journal

Lost Journal Two

From the shack where you found the first journal, cut across the water and head northeast down the right side of the river. Keep swimming downriver by the other islands and shacks until you reach one that has a bunch of cages suspended by a boat mast between two rocks. If you ever get lost just pull your compass and keep heading northeast down the larger right river until you see the area shown above.

Sea of Thieves Lost Journal

Once you arrive, approach the mast and ignite the torch with your lantern. This will cause all the candles along the mast to light up green, spawning the book inside the cage. Shoot the farthest of the two cage’s rope to drop it into the water. This may take a few shots if you don’t have a sniper rifle equipped. Once you knock the cage into the river, dive down, open it up, and read the journal to collect it.

Sea of Thieves Lost Journal

Lost Journal Three

Now that you have the second journal, swim across the river under the suspended cages towards the shack on the riverbank (shown above). Along the dock, you’ll find a torch that can be lit by your lantern. Once ignited, a chain reaction of torches igniting green along the river.

Sea of Thieves Lost Journal

Follow the flames until you reach the river’s edge and then dive into the water. You will see a glowing lantern and broken rowboat on the river floor. Swim down there and inspect the ghostly book resting on part of the shattered boat.

Sea of Thieves Lost Journal

Lost Journal Four

You’ll find the fourth journal inside of the fort after the bayou section. Once you make your way through the main gate, a bunch of ghosts will start singing for you. When this happens, start igniting the four braziers around the center cage to open it. Now drop down, but keep moving forward so you land on the edge and not the water. You will find a torch being held by a skeleton, which causes the next journal to spawn in the marked area above.

Sea of Thieves Lost Journal

Lost Journal Five

The final journal will require you to swim through the tunnel, obtain the lockpick, and make your way back up to the main fort’s center courtyard. However, before you go any farther, set the lockpick down and light the torch on the jail (shown in blue above). Now take the lockpick to the locked gate by the orange glowing torches, head upstairs, and use your sword to cut down some boxes. Jump across to the other side, run across the rooftops (shown in red above) to the hole in the ceiling. Hop down to nab the final Lost Journal and complete the Lost Memories commendation.


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