Cyberpunk 2077 Review Podcast

Judy Alvarez is very good. Panam Palmer is very good. The rest...

Welcome to Fanbyte’s special review podcast of Cyberpunk 2077!

Instead of wrestling with this game so that it works on your platform, why not listen to us dissect it? Specifically, you’ll be listening to Editor at Large John Warren, Social Editor Niki Grayson, and Managing Editor Steven Strom. There are spoilers, so beware if you want to preserve the experience until the game is in a more playable state. All our podcasts are great, but If I can say so myself: this is a fantastic, nuanced, and scathing discussion of a game that isn’t easy to talk about…or, as you’ll hear, like — at least for the Fanbyte crew. We talk about labor, racism, the limits of the game’s role-playing, and so much more.

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Discussed on this episode of Fanwidth: Cyberpunk 2077.