Xbox Series X/S Framerate Boost Make Titanfall 2 Go Brrr

New hardware makes old games run smoother.

The Xbox Series X/S is capable of making old games run better when played on the new hardware. Part of that is increasing framerates on select games. That’s not something that can necessarily be applied universally, and requires some tweaking on the development side to make things like higher framerate possible on the console. While Microsoft has announced a handful of games that will be getting a framerate boost, several of those supporting the feature are EA games that are part of the company’s EA Play service (which is bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate now).

The list of new games that will take advantage of the update in framerate was laid out in a post on Xbox boss Major Nelson’s website, and it includes a select few major games from EA’s catalog, including: some of the Battlefield games, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and probably most enticingly, Titanfall 2 running at 120fps. But EA’s games aren’t the only ones getting a performance boost on new consoles. A handful of Bethesda games are also running smoother on Xbox Series X/S, which is fitting considering Microsoft just acquired the company and its studios.

In other news:

If you own an Xbox Series S, which is the demonstrably weaker of the two consoles, you might not be seeing a higher framerate on some of these games. And

Here’s the list of games getting a framerate boost on Xbox Series X/S:

Games Xbox Series X Xbox Series S Off by Default on Series X In Xbox Game Pass
Battlefield 1 120hz ___ ✔ ✔ (EA Play / Ultimate)
Battlefield 4 120hz 120hz ✔ (EA Play / Ultimate)
Battlefield V 120hz ___ ✔ ✔ (EA Play / Ultimate)
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst 120hz ___ ✔ (EA Play / Ultimate)
Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 120hz 120hz ✔ (EA Play / Ultimate)
Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville 120hz 120hz ✔ ✔ (EA Play / Ultimate)
Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 120hz 120hz ✔ (EA Play / Ultimate)
Sea of Solitude 60hz 60hz ✔ (EA Play / Ultimate)
Star Wars Battlefront 120hz 120hz ✔ (EA Play / Ultimate)
Star Wars Battlefront II 120hz ___ ✔ ✔ (EA Play / Ultimate)
Titanfall 120hz ___ ✔ (EA Play / Ultimate)
Titanfall 2 120hz 120hz ✔ ✔ (EA Play / Ultimate)
Unravel 2 120hz 120hz ✔ ✔ (EA Play / Ultimate)
Dishonored – Definitive Edition 60hz 60hz ✔
Fallout 4 60hz 60hz ✔ ✔
Fallout 76 60hz 60hz ✔ ✔
Prey 60hz 60hz ✔
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition 60hz 60hz ✔
Far Cry 4 60hz 60hz
New Super Lucky’s Tale 120hz 120hz ✔
Sniper Elite 4 60hz 60hz ✔
UFC 4 60hz 60hz
Watch Dogs 2 60hz 60hz