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Wildermyth, Which Should Probably Be On Your Game of the Year List, Will Come to Switch After a Year or So

The PC title will take quite a while to port, however.

If you don’t know what Wildermyth is, you’re probably missing out. The RPG strategy game has an overwhelmingly positive user rating on Steam and is on quite a few Game of the Year lists here at Fanbyte. For some people, the PC can present somewhat of a barrier for playing a game, especially with regards to compatibility, installation, being comfortable with a keyboard and mouse, etc. Some people just prefer playing games on a console or in a handheld form. Soon, those people will have no excuse not to play Wildermyth when it comes to Switch…eventually.

The news comes from Worldwalker Games founder and programmer Nate Austin, who appeared on Fanbyte’s Thanks for the Knowledge podcast this week. The full episode will be released on Sunday December 19, but Austin has confirmed that Worldwalker plans Wildermyth for release on Switch. However, since the game is currently built in Java which is not in any way supported on Switch for app development, the porting process will take “at least a year.”

This is good news for those waiting to play the game, but it definitely tests how good your patience can be. If you haven’t played the game yet, this episode of 99 Potions features quite a lot of gushing about the title which might push you into just buying the PC version now and then getting it on Switch again later.

The full conversation with Nate Austin will be available here early next week.

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