What Are the Darkness Relics in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder?

They're probably not pieces of Taniks, but...

A major part of the Season of Plunder storyline in Destiny 2 so far has been retrieving Darkness relics from Fallen pirates. We’re not exactly sure what these relics are yet, only that they seem to be powerful and old. There have been a few clues, though — Eido mentions a Vanguard report describing the Fallen fighting over “rotting chunks of meat,” and the Drifter says they contain various body parts. So, what could they be? Here are a few possibilities.

The Body of Toland, the Shattered — Toland hasn’t come up in a while, but he was one of the members of Eris Morn’s doomed fireteam. While Toland was defeated along with everyone but Eris, Hive magic turned him into a soul capable of persisting in the Ascendant Realm. He’s shown up a few times to provide cryptic advice, and the season’s Exotic weapon, Delicate Tomb, could be referencing him. Not sure what significance his body would have, though, unless the Hive used it for some kind of rituals.

Parts of Nezarec — He of Nezarec’s Sin and Nezarec’s Whisper, we don’t really know much about this vaguely evil entity. It’s possible that he was or is a Disciple of the Witness and that he may have been involved in the Collapse. The Drifter claimed to have seen something called the Fourth Tomb of Nezarec way back in Forsaken, which would explain why the Darkness relics feel familiar to him.

Monolith Creatures / Tormentors — Drifter’s familiarity with the Darkness relics could have to do with a critical event that happened in his past, when he encountered creatures that seemed to “shut off” Light on an icy planet. These creatures are described as having “headless, ‘vacuous,’ shadowy forms,” which fits the appearance of the Tormentor enemies coming in Lightfall, so they could be one and the same.

Taniks — How funny would it be if the Darkness relics just contained the pieces of Taniks, who was reassembled to be yet another boss battle at the end of Season of Plunder? Taniks has been a zombie and a cyborg, so why not a mummy/Frankenstein’s monster? It could happen!

What do you think the Darkness relics in Destiny 2 are? Let me know in the comments.