Seer, Bloodhound, and Horizon Hit With Nerfs in Apex Legends

Rejoice legends, some of the most notorious characters in Apex Legends are finally getting hit with nerfs and buffs. With the release of Season 16 right around the corner, developer Respawn Entertainment is looking to rebalance some of the game’s most notorious and popular legends. Recently, I got a chance to test a preview build of Season 16 and it was abundantly clear that these could be meta-defining changes. Here’s a breakdown of all the legend buffs and nerfs that are coming when Apex Legends’ next season releases on February 14th:

Apex Legends Buffs and Nerfs


Starting out with Bloodhound, the biggest change comes to their Ultimate ability. Upon activation, they will no longer have their Tactical scan ability reset or have a faster cooldown while in Beast of the Hunt. Instead, Bloodhound players will see a white raven fly by and leave a trail in the sky toward an enemy’s position. This raven will be marked on your HUD with a yellow diamond, making it easy to locate and follow. Additionally, this raven will now appear passively as you run around the world to give you a general idea of where enemies are hanging about.


Perhaps the character everyone wanted nerfed, Seer’s passive and ultimate abilities have both been addressed. For his Heart Seeker passive, enemies will no longer be constantly highlighted if you’re zooming in on them. Instead, if you’re looking directly at a foe it will pulse yellow a couple of times every few seconds. Enemies will also be able to hear Seer looking for them, which means you cannot just spam this ability and hope to go unnoticed. Seer’s ultimate cooldown has also been increased, as Respawn wanted to reduce the frequency of this ability throughout a match.


The last nerf we know about is coming to Horizon, but it’s a very minor one. Now players will have reduced accuracy when using her Gravity Lift. This is because Respawn clearly wants this to be more of a movement tool and less of one that players can use to just gun down enemies below them. To compensate for the reduced accuracy, Horizon’s lift speed has been slightly increased so you’ll move a little faster inside it.


Mirage players you’re finally getting some unironic buffs. To start, whenever you revive someone both you and that ally will remain invisible for a short time. Doing anything but moving will cause those players to become visible to enemies. Additionally, any foe that Mirage bamboozles will be briefly tracked on screen.


To give a bit more competition for Valkryie, Wraith’s portal has been buffed. You can now place Wraith’s portal twice as far away and her movement speed has been increased when trying to place a portal.


Similar to Wraith, Pathfinder’s ultimate has been buffed to make him a more appealing rotation option. Pathfinder’s zipline can now be placed 200 meters away and your speed while riding it has been increased. Additionally, Pathfinder’s zipline now has some black markings on the rope which makes it easy to indicate one placed by this legend.


The final buff that Respawn talked to us about is for everyone’s favorite combat medic. While her resurrection shield isn’t making a return, Lifeline’s slow penalty when reviving an ally has been reduced. Her Care Package Ultimate also comes down much faster, allowing you to quickly grab all the upgraded gear she provides.