Rocket League Comes to Mobile as Sideswipe

It's like Rocket League, but 2D.

When Epic Games bought Rocket League developer Psyonix, the company promised they had things in mind for how to expand the player base for the car-based soccer game. At the time, people assumed that meant making the game free-to-play, which they did, and bringing it to mobile platforms, which they are — sort of.

Today, Psyonix revealed Rocket League Sideswipe, a 2D take on the formula. In Sideswipe, the basic gameplay structure of two goals and a ball remains the same, but it takes a side view of the action and allows four cars to go all over the place. That means a lot more air and ceiling time than your traditional Rocket League games.

You can check out some Alpha gameplay here.

The game is coming later this year to iOS and Android. If you’re in Australia, you can start beta testing the game today. If you’re not in Australia, courage.