How to Watch Big PUBG Mobile Influencers Fight to Conquer Karakin Today

PUBG Mobile esports aren’t for everyone. There’s a fine line between playing a game for fun and watching others play it for glory. The esports scene is a cutthroat arena that barely sleeps, with match after match taking place around the world, shifting team seeds and influencing the next big tournament. It’s incredibly difficult to follow. But even if you’re not into sticking with a team and their ever-changing roster as they duke it out for titles and prize money, following your favorite PUBG Mobile streamer or content creator is a different beast. If you’re more into supporting an influencer over an entire team, today’s Conquerors of Karakin showdown is for you.

PUBG Mobile Conquerers of Karakin Event Details

What Is the Conquerors of Karakin Event?

The Conquerors of Karakin event pits the most popular PUBG Mobile influencers against each other in a true battle for the crown. Taking place exclusively on the new 2×2 Karakin map, there’s bound to be a bunch of new strategies and explosive chicken dinners over the course of the event. 16 content creators will go head-to-head in an attempt to be crowned the Conqueror of Karakin, likely earning the opportunity to dish out some prizes to their followers. There’s vague talk of some big UC goodies being up for grabs over the course of the event.

When Is the Conquerors of Karakin Event?

Today! The Conquerors of Karakin event takes place at 5 PM PST on April 19. Unless you’re running the graveyard shift or stuck in cram school, it should be perfectly timed for when you get home. Grab a drink, a snack, and relax. It’s time for your favorite influencers to stress over chicken dinners for a change. You’ve had a busy day.

Who Is in the Conquerors of Karakin Event?

Who knows! The roster isn’t clear. Both the PUBG Mobile social media and Powerbang himself haven’t specified. All we know is that he’ll be hosting while 16 others influencers duke it out. If you’re wondering if your favorite streamer or content creator is involved, check their latest videos or social media posts for an announcement. Otherwise, just tune in. You might find a new favorite.

How Do I Watch the Conquerors of Karakin Event?

There are three ways to watch the Conquerors of Karakin event stream later today. The official PUBG Mobile Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming pages will all host the event, so you shouldn’t need to look far. We can’t confirm it right now, but there may be a link in-game that can take you straight to your livestream app of choice. When the time comes, just fire up your preferred platform.

How Can I Get Involved in the Conquerors of Karakin Event?

The Conquerors of Karakin event isn’t just a showcase battle between the top PUBG Mobile influencer talent: there’s a public aspect to it as well. Likely designed as a way to both celebrate the release of Karakin and spread the news of its arrival across other platforms, the PUBG Mobile Discord is hosting the Karakin Community Match event over the next two days.

The EU-timed event will likely be over by the time of publication, but NA-timed matches will play out between 10-12 PM UTC on April 20. If you’re itching to get involved, check out our guide on the best Karakin landing spots before you become the first casualty on the battlefield. If you’re new to Karkain, it’s worth reading up on these select Karakin tips and tricks as well.

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