A Glitch is Preventing Pokemon Legends: Arceus Players From Completing the Pokedex [UPDATE]

Those affected can't capture one of the legendary Lake Guardians.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus players beware, some players are running into a glitch in the post-game that makes it impossible to complete the Pokedex without trading with a friend.

Spoilers follow: 

After the player has seen credits, a collectathon begins to gather key items called Plates, one corresponding to each type in the Pokemon series. Finding these requires the player to confront just about every legendary Pokemon in the game’s Hisui region. This a two birds, one stone sort of deal, because you’ll have to catch all of them to complete the Pokedex, and that’s the prerequisite for seeing the true ending. However, a handful of Pokemon Legends: Arceus players are running into an issue with the subquest The Plate of the Lakes. To complete it, you’ll have to head to Lake Verity, Lake Valor, and Lake Acuity and capture their respective guardians: Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. But that hasn’t been so simple for some trainers.

Players have started reporting on sites like Twitter and Reddit that Azelf has been respawning after the initial fight, allowing the player to catch it more than once. This on its own is an odd, but ultimately benign glitch, and lets you catch multiple versions of a legendary Pokemon. The trouble users are having is the game seems to be registering this as having captured two of the Lake Guardians instead of one, as Uxie is no longer appearing in its usual spot.


Pokémon Legends Arceus Glitch? (spoiler warning) from pokemon

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Uxie may disappear, but players say the glitch doesn’t affect the actual quest, and the story continues without a hitch, but this does mean that anyone who dealt with the issue will be lacking a Uxie to complete their Pokedex, thus won’t be able to access the final boss fight. This can be mitigated through trading a Uxie over to an affected player, but either way, someone’s journey will continue without a Uxie in their pasture.

Right now, the only known way to be sure you’re in the clear is to capture Azelf last. But for a lot of people, it’s too late by the time they’ve realized what’s going on. Hopefully Game Freak fixes the quest in a future patch.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for our written and podcast review of Pokemon Legends: Arceus going up this week.

Update: Turns out, it’s not just Azelf who can appear more than once, as other players are noting they’ve experienced the same with Uxie. So it seems this can happen with any combination of the Lake Guardians. At this point, the only known preventative measure is to capture each Lake Guardian upon first encounter, but that’s easier said than done. Until Game Freak patches the quest, the best thing to be done is spread the word to fellow Pokemon Legends: Arceus players in hope they can save beforehand. At the very least, there seem to be folks who probably have the Pokemon others need and can trade accordingly.