A Letter From the Fanbyte Staff on PAX West 2021

As the summer rolls on, the Fanbyte staff wanted to provide an update on our coverage plans for this year’s edition of PAX West, scheduled for this September.

Due to Reedpop’s current health and safety protocols not requiring the COVID-19 vaccine for entry to the convention, we do not feel that it is safe to make the trip to Seattle.

While we would love to spend time with each other and our peers in-person for the first time in over a year, concerns for our team’s health and, frankly, the public good take priority. There are protocols in place across the country for large gatherings to ensure that attendees are vaccinated, but Reedpop’s decision to eschew these routes in favor of facial coverings and increased sanitization standards creates the opportunity for a public health crisis. The state of Washington’s own guidance recommends vaccine verification or negative testing for large indoor and outdoor events. Irresponsible decisions by various event organizers (to say nothing of state and federal governments) got us into this mess and cost countless lives by putting the bottom line first. We don’t wish to potentially be a part of making it worse.

We will be covering any news that comes out of the show remotely, as we did for E3.