No Man’s Sky Mod Lets You Titanfall Drop onto Planets from Space

"I have been falling for thirty minutes!"

After six years and so many updates, I’m still surprised when I learn little things players still can’t do in No Man’s Sky. It’s not usually something huge or game-defining, but today I learned you can’t build and deploy a mech from a space-faring ship in the game as it exists right now. But that hasn’t stopped modders from finding a way to Titanfall drop onto a planet and fans asking developer Hello Games to make it a supported feature.

YouTube user Klipwc posted a clip of a No Man’s Sky mod that includes an “orbital mech deployment platform” on their ship, which allows them to drop onto the planet inside their Minotaur. Right now, it’s still possible to drop from space and land safely on a planet without a mech, assuming you have Life Support to survive the time in space, and activate your jetpack before you hit the ground, but a mech needs no life support and can withstand the fall through the atmosphere. So riding a Minotaur from your ship to the ground in No Man’s Sky is viable, and pretty fucking rad.

Check out the clip here, which shows the mod in action, and includes a minute-and-a-half-long drop from space.

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