Gnosia Has a True Ending You Probably Won’t Find Organically

Credits aren't the end of the story.

This article will contain no concrete spoilers about the nature of Gnosia’s “true ending,” but will discuss some general themes of the game to contextualize the whole situation.

Gnosia, Petit Depotto’s social deduction visual novel, has been out in the west for about four days now of this writing. I reviewed it here at Fanbyte, and despite my frustration with how mechanical the whole thing felt, I did enjoy its overarching mystery. However, it wasn’t until about 12 hours ago that I saw the game’s true ending. Not because I didn’t reach the credits, but because I was unaware I hadn’t seen everything.

To give some context: you ostensibly have to 100% Gnosia to reach what appears to be the end of the game. Your progress through the game’s looping narrative is determined by unlocking in-game scenes that add to your codex entries for each of its 15 characters. So you’ll be looping through the same social deduction game dozens of times in search of new information until you’ve filled up you character profiles.

After you’ve filled those up, some closing events happen, and you will eventually see credits. The game seems to end on a sad but sentimental note. And it seems altogether fitting. So I didn’t think much of it. But then word got to me that there was actually a secret true ending, that…it’s honestly unlikely people will find it organically. Unless they just had to play the game a second time immediately after.

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So if you’re here, you probably have come looking for how to unlock Gnosia’s true ending. and I’m here to explain it to you without spoilers.

Once you’ve seen credits, you’ll be put back on the game’s main menu, and you’ll notice the art on the screen is different. This signifies that you’re ready to enter the true ending stage. So here’s how you access the last 10 or so minutes of the game: Make a second save file. Initially, there was talk that you would have to make sure you have the exact same name, gender, and color as your first run, but others have reported they’ve been able to access the true ending without those identifiers lining up.

The game will start off normally, until you get your first dialogue option. Then sit back and enjoy the rest of the game. I’ll tell you now: it’s worth it. It addresses a couple hanging threads and ties the whole thing off with a neat little bow. And after I was finished, the main menu updated one more time, and I closed the game with a smile on my face.

Gnosia is available now on Nintendo Switch.