Evangelion Revenant is the Real Star of the Apex Legends Gaiden Event

"I'm so fucked up." - Revenant Apex Legends

Get in the robot, Revenant. Alright, that’s one obligatory Neon Genesis Evangelion joke out of the way, but I will be making several as I write about how Apex Legends‘ upcoming Gaiden Event makes one of its playable legends look like something Shinji Ikari would have piloted in the 90s.

The event, which begins next Tuesday, July 19, features skins that feel like direct homages to anime without actually saying the show or character names out loud. This does mean I’ll avoid actually having to see Evangelion characters busting it down like in PUBG, thankfully. Octane has a skin that looks like Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, Wattson’s seems like a reference to Naruto’s titular protagonist, and Mirage is decked out in a get up seemingly based on My Hero Academia’s Deku. Despite all this, my favorite skin in Apex Legends‘ Gaiden Event is Revenant’s clearly Evangelion-inspired get up. It’s something I love more than he will ever know.

The Gaiden Event also marks the limited-time return of the Armed and Dangerous mode, which limits weapons to sniper rifles and shotguns and makes loot generally more difficult to track down. Like the approval of a father figure who only views you as a reminder of his wife that he lost along with his grip on reality. The event will be divided into two weekly challenges, both of which will net you different rewards.

July 19th to July 26th

  • Rewards include:
    • Fuse’s Down Thunder Epic Skin
    • Bionic Buddy Gun Charm
    • Epic 3030 “Cloudburst” Skin

July 26th to August 2nd

  • Rewards include:
    • OK Holospray
    • 1 Gaiden Event Pack
    • 1 Apex Pack

Evangelion Revenant is the Real Star of the Apex Legends Gaiden Event

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While event-exclusive skins are the focus of any update like this, Apex Legends will also be bringing back a Special Offers with bundles and cosmetics at discounted prices throughout the Gaiden Event. Like the weekly challenges, these will also be different both weeks. In total, there will be 40 new event cosmetics available in the two-week period, and if you get them all, you’ll unlock Bangalore’s Prestige Apex Commander skin. So get in the robot, Shinji. I mean, Revenant.