The Best Drop Locations on Karakin in PUBG Mobile

Attack high or scavenge low.

One year after its debut on other platforms, the long-awaited 2×2 kilometer map Karakin has made it into PUBG Mobile. There’s no time to waste, though. The new map won’t be around forever. By littering the outer edges with towns, the center is left a barren, wide-open desert battlefield. With most PUBG Mobile loot drops restricted to towns and small buildings, duking it out where there’s no chance of emergency supplies isn’t wise. Due to its comparatively smaller landscape, every named map location here is a viable drop location. And based on loot destiny, elevation variety, and size, these are the four best drop locations on Karakin.

PUBG Mobile Al Habar

Al Habar

Unlike many other areas scattered around Karakin, Hal Habar features high-rise buildings. The extra elevation is not only great for those looking for a tactical advantage by claiming the higher ground, but the sheer volume of explorable space makes it a great hot drop location. There’s loot beside you, below you, and typically above you as well. It’s one of the larger settlements on the map, so expect heavy opposition. Land on the tall rooftops and work your way down to avoid running into players around the many corners before you have a chance to grab a viable weapon.

Al Hayik

This medium-sized town lacks the elevation high-ground needed to make it a worthwhile battlefield, but the loot scattered across the ground level more than makes up for it. Al Hayik’s loot pool helps it stand out as a location entire squads can depend on to gear up quickly. You probably won’t want to drop there in singles, but with a large team able to cover the ground, you’re bound to come back with the goods. Have one teammate occupy the highest rooftop if possible. The other players are then free to gather up loot below knowing someone has the high ground needed to watch over the whole town.

PUBG Mobile Hadika Nemo

Hadiqa Nemo

This is another squad-based hot drop zone. Hadiqa Nemo is split between a container yard and a handful of buildings. It’s the former area where the best loot seems to spawn, but it’s important to have one or two teammates man the buildings overlooking it — just to watch the backs of those sent in to grab the goods. If you’re dropping here alone, hit up the rooftops and watch the containers from the high ground. You might just score some early kills and have the best loot pool up ready for collection.

PUBG Mobile Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship

Assuming you’re confident the circle won’t close in on you, Cargo Ship further out on the coast can be one of the best places to gear up early on. Though it’s small, the myriad cover offered by the steel containers perched on the deck can make this an enticing battlefield for those looking to start the match off with a bang. It’s a high risk, high reward location for sure. If you decide to land here for the goods, prepare to fight for your right to survive. Land by the town just outside if you’d gear up before storming the boat. Just be wary of the choke point that is the entranceway.

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