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Yakuza: Like a Dragon Can Quest Guide - Tips for Max Echo Points & Rewards

As it is usual in the series, Yakuza: Like a Dragon is filled with minigames. Most of them are unlocked as you progress through the main story, and Can Quest is one of the first to offer a specialized shop. This guide covers everything you need to know to gain as many Echo Points as possible, as well as what you can expect as rewards.

How to Unlock Can Quest

In order to unlock Can Quest, you’ll have to complete the substory called A Can-Do Attitude. This takes place in Chapter 3 as you’re following the main storyline, so don’t worry about missing it. As soon as you’re done with the tutorial, the minigame will become available to play whenever.

Can Quest is divided into three categories: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The more cans you’re able to collect, the highest the score you’ll obtain by the end, which is then converted into Echo Points. This is a unique currency for this minigame, and can be used in the shop by talking to the same NPC. Prizes range from hundreds of yen to armor, weapons, healing items, and collectibles such as CDs, so we highly recommend spending time in Can Quest.

Can Quest Tips – Yakuza: Like a Dragon

The main goal is simple: Ichiban needs to collect as many cans as possible under a time limit by driving a cart around the restricted area, which is always the same. Depending on the difficulty, you will come across more cans than usual, with the downside that more adversaries will be on the lookout for them as well.

These can hit you and cause you to lose dozens of cans in a whim – it’s best to wait until enemies have the exclamation marks on their heads, as most of the time you’ll be able to pass around them and continue your way while avoiding the collision.

As a silver lining, you can grab Energy Drinks for short speed boosts, which can help you to either escape from tight situations or ramp against enemies before they can hit you, stealing cans from them in the process. Keep in mind that you will retain that high speed for a couple seconds. If you happen to be close to an unexpected explosive barrel, you can stop yourself from biking towards it by turning against a wall gently so you don’t lose cans in the process.

It’s rather straightforward from there. It’s always best to look for the garbage piles, which will automatically give you 30 cans, but it’s not worth going through an empty street only to grab them. Moreover, it might be tempting to chase the woman running with a trash bag to pick up the cans she leaves behind (this is indicated by a “Lucky” icon on the left side of the screen), but it’s rarely worth the effort. Either leave her be so enemies focus on her instead, or just wait until she has already passed around a street, leaving a far more appealing trail of cans available to pick up all at once.

If the trash collector is heading towards you, don’t fret, as it won’t collide unless you come into contact with it – just go to either block on the sides to get out of its way. You can destroy the traffic obstacles at the side of the streets, so use this as an advantage when you need to make a quick turn as they won’t affect your biking. Lastly, pay attention to the timer and plan an escape route ahead – we recommend starting driving back when there’s 30 seconds left, otherwise you will lose all the cans you have collected.

There’s five ranks to unlock in Can Quest, and every time you level up, you’ll receive a chunk of Echo Points for free. We recommend spending them on gear for your party, especially early on, as well as healing items. Make sure to pay this minigame a visit then you’re nearby – it doesn’t take long to complete a session, and once you’ve mastered its quirks, you can obtain lots of cool prizes.

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