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Where to Get Some of the Best Early Elden Ring Spells

I put a spell on you.

The best spells in Elden Ring respect your FP while dealing significant damage. Better still are the Incantations and Sorceries with barely any delay between pressing the button and launching the attack. These spells are usually difficult to track down, and since this is Elden Ring, danger and death are usually a risk when searching for them. We’ve done some of the hard work for you and listed some of the best spells you can mostly get very early, to see you through the mid-game and beyond.

elden ring bestial sling

Where to Find Bestial Sling

Bestial Sling is one of the early- and mid-game’s best Incantations. Though it requires a bit of a detour to find. You’ll need some Deathroot first, and the easiest way to get it is by defeating the Tibia Mariner “field boss.” Track one down in Summonwater Village (north of the Third Church of Marika, in the far northeast of Limgrave, on the path to Caelid). Then head southwest of Liurnia’s Divine Tower to fight another Tibia and get a second Deathroot. Most of these recurring bosses aren’t terribly difficult, but they do teleport around and summon additional skeleton enemies. Thin out these adds between damage phases.

You can use a Teleporter in a shaded area just north of the Third Church of Marika in Limgrave (the spot marked in blue on the map above). This is the same church where you find the Flask of Wondrous Physick. The device will send you directly to the Bestial Sanctum in an otherwise very dangerous, high-level area. Here you want to give Gurranq the Deathroot. You’ll get a Beast Mark seal that strengthens Beastial Incantations, before he hands over Bestial Sling when you give him a second Deathroot. It requires 10 Faith and only uses 7 FP. Unlike Rock Sling, Bestial Sling works well in close-range combat, and takes less time to cast.

Elden Ring Rock Sling

Where to Find Rock Sling

Meanwhile, Rock Sling is a strong choice for Intelligence characters — especially when using the Meteorite Staff. Behind a ruined arch in Caelid’s Street of Sages (where you find the Meteorite Staff on a body hanging over a low wall) is a staircase. Take it underground, open the door, and you’ll find the spell in the chest inside. Rock Sling costs 18 FP and requires 18 Intelligence. It flings three large rocks at the target, though close-range accuracy is less than stellar. You can charge the spell, however, and the Meteorite Staff’s buff to gravity spells makes this one even stronger. What’s especially great about this spell for magic users is that it deals physical damage. That makes it perfect against foes resistant to magic.

elden ring carian greatsword

Where to Find Carian Greatsword

Carian Greatsword summons a powerful magical blade that crashes down onto foes ahead of you. It deals heavy magic damage and staggers enemies on impact, making it a handy choice for managing crowds or creating an opening to retreat. You can purchase Carian Greatsword from Miriel in the Church of Vows, northwest of Liurnia’s Divine Tower for 10,000 Runes. It requires 24 Intelligence.

The best thing about Carian Greatsword is that melee classes can use it, too. Sorcerer Rogier sells the Carian Greatsword Ash of War in Stormveil Castle (or Roundtable Hold, after you’ve cleared the castle) for 2,500 Runes. The Ash of War version adds the Greatsword as a weapon ability, but it functions the same as the spell – just without the Intelligence requirement.

Where to Find Rancorcall

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of the homing spells from undead sorcerers and thought “wow, I wish I could do that,” you’re in luck. Rancorcall summons a swarm of vengeful spirits and sends them toward the nearest foe, dealing multiple rounds of damage. The FP cost is low, at 14, and it requires 16 Intelligence and 14 Faith, along with a few leaps of faith to obtain.

Rancorcall is in the crypt of Stormveil Castle. Start from the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace, exit the room, and turn right. Then turn right again to complete a quick U-turn. There’s a corpse sitting on the ledge here. That’s where you need to drop down (from what looks like a dangerous height) before making your way down the scaffolding to your right. Push forward through the crypt (past the giant rats) until you spot a Teardrop Scarab which you should try defeating from a distance. If you let it get too far away, it’ll lead you to an arena with a giant enemy not usually encountered until later in the game.

If you are feeling adventurous, though, you can continue down the path where the beetle would have led you. Kill the mini-boss to receive a Golden Seed. There’s also a Stonesword Key and a talisman on the ground in the room.

elden ring flame of frenzy

Where to Find The Flame of Frenzy

This is one of several “Frenzy” Incantations scattered across the Lands Between. They’re generally very powerful but include a downside: casting each spell raises your Frenzy gauge. This is a devastating status effect that deals massive damage, stuns your character, and drains their FP.

The Flame of Frenzy is still worth using. It’s just that strong. The Incantation fires a massive spread of arcing, fiery lasers from the caster’s eyes. The upward spread of flame is great for hitting flying foes and groups. Individual hits are strong, but the true power lies in landing multiple hits from this magic shotgun on one target. Just be sure to not cast it too quickly or too many times in a row.

You can find the Incantation in the Callu Baptismal Church — a ruin in the Ailing Village at the center of the Weeping Peninsula. The whole area is atop a hill southwest of the South of the Lookout Tower grace.

Elden Ring Roiling Magma

Where to Find Roiling Magma

Roiling Magma is essentially a superpowered Flame Sling. It launches a ball of magma at foes, but what makes it so invaluable is how quickly the spell charges. You can cast a charged Roiling Magma shot in the time it takes to cast most Glintstone spells. It’s shorter than even an uncharged Flame Sling. The downside is that Roiling Magma costs 32 FP: quite a bit more than most spells on this list.

This one is more of a midgame ability because of how much travel it requires to get. Roiling Magma is on a corpse in the Hermit’s Shack (not to be confused with Hermit Village) on Mt. Gelmir, west of the Craftsman’s Shack Site of Grace. Getting here requires you to reach Seethewater River on the Altus Plateau (either after fighting the Magma Wyrm in the Ruin-Strewn Precipice or after taking the Grand Lift of Dectus).

Head down the riverbed until you reach the west end of Mt. Gelmir — near Fort Laiedd, where some soldiers are locked in battle with Fire Monks. There’s a lava lake south of Fort Laiedd with another Magma Wyrm. Ignore the boss and head south past the lava. This will lead you down a path with Demi-Humans and a massive bear. Just before the ledge where the bear resides is the Hermit’s Shack — on your left as you head up the slope. Roiling Magma is on a corpse inside the building, surrounded by worshipping Demi-Humans.

elden ring flame cleanse me


Where to Find Flame, Cleanse Me

This incantation is a support spell that becomes more useful the further you explore in the Lands Between. It removes Poison and Scarlet Rot effects and resets their build-up meters, helping avoid an untimely death without having to ration restorative items. It requires 12 Faith and a seal to cast.

Flame, Cleanse Me is in the Fire Monk camp in Liurnia, south of the Artist’s Shack Site of Grace. Just keep going north along the eastern road from the bottom of Liurnia and you’ll reach it. You need to defeat the fire-breathing monk to obtain it. Stay on Torrent for this fight, so you can escape the flames’ reach more easily.

Elden Ring Dragon Cult Prayerbook

Where to Find Honed Bolt

This Incantation doesn’t seem terribly useful at first. It does less damage than Lightning Spear (which you can acquire at the same time) and has a long windup. The secret lies in this little line from the spell description: “This incantation can be cast repeatedly.” After the initial windup, simply press the spellcasting button over and over again to rapidly fire lightning bolts from the sky at your enemy. This is especially useful against invaders (or when invading) as there is no forward projectile to dodge or block like Lightning Spear. The shock hits instantly from the sky — making it very difficult to see coming. Combined with its low cast cost (just 12 FP compared to 18 on Lightning Spear) it’s very effective when used correctly.

You can purchase the Incantation after acquiring the Dragon Cult Prayerbook. This is also acquired just south of the Artist’s Shack in Liurnia. The Leyndell knight patrolling the road, who strikes back with their own lightning, will drop the prayerbook on defeat. Then you simply need to give the book to Miriel or Brother Corhyn to make it available for purchase.

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