Where to Find Three Elgado Cohoots in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

"In Cahoots for Cohoot Pics" needs three owls in Elgado. But where do you take the photos?

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak quickly tasks you with photographing three Cohoots throughout Elgado. The side quest in question is “In Cahoots for Cohoot Pics,” which unlocks the Cohoot Mask layered armor. If you can find all three owls, of course. At least one of them is pretty obvious, but where do the others reside? Let’s look for the answer in our guide to this extremely puzzling side quest.

monster hunter rise elgado cohoot central plaza

The First Elgado Cohoot  – Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

As mentioned above, this one is pretty obvious. At least it should be. For the sake of completeness, though, let’s list it here and get it out of the way. You just need to snap a photo of your own Cohoot.

Said Cohoot changes location as you move around Elgado. Don’t let that confuse you, though! Your feathered friend always moves to follow you. If you move to certain central areas of the base, the bird will eventually perch on a nearby structure to stay by your side. The most obvious of these are:

  1. On the crates to the left of Nagi the Buddy Agent (Market)
  2. On the tentpole next to Chichae the Quest Damsel (Central Plaza)
  3. Above the large map next to Dame Fiorayne and Admiral Galleus (Command Post)

Though you can also spot your Cohoot flying through the air. Taking the photo is simply easier if you stand by any one of these locations and snap the shot!

You can also dress up your Cohoot by using “Call Cohoot” from the D-pad. This allows you to open the “Pet Menu” and change its clothes to any outfit you have unlocked. There’s not really any gameplay benefit to this. Even if it does look adorable… However, it can help distinguish your Cohoot from other owls throughout the world. That way you don’t waste time trying to snap more pictures of it by mistake!

By the way, you can access your camera using the D-pad just as you would in hunts, such as when taking pictures during requests like the “Tacky Photo” side quest.

monster hunter rise elgado cohoot command post map

The Second Elgado Cohoot  – Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Our next target is a tiny bit trickier. You’re looking for a snow owl Cohoot with a blue bow. Luckily, it’s also found in a heavily trafficked area: usually right next to your Cohoot above the map in the Command Post.

What’s strange about this Cohoot is that its appearance seems at least semi-random. For our photo purposes, though, this doesn’t really matter. If the Cohoot isn’t perched above the map, you can still find it in the Command Post, just in a slightly different location. It settles down right on Admiral Gallerus himself.

monster hunter rise elgado cohoot admiral gallerus

Taking a photo from either position works! Though if you really want a shot of one or the other, fast traveling out of the Command Post and back again resets the Cohoot’s position. Just repeat this process a few times until you get the pose you want.

Just one more Cohoot left!

The Third Elgado Cohoot  – Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Now this is the Cohoot that really makes this side quest a headscratcher. It’s a bit different from the others. One reason is because it’s very well-hidden — requiring a good bit of Wirebug climbing. The other reason is that it’s a baby! One you can find in a Cohoot nest in Elgado. However, it’s not the nest you might already be familiar with (the one that drops items like the secret area in the Buddy Plaza). There is actually a second, smaller Cohoot nest in Elgado for you to find.

The easiest way I’ve found to get up here is to actually swing by the first nest. That requires climbing up the blue tent in the Command Post — the one above Dame Fiorayne and the admiral. Just walk up the little staircase near them and use your Wirebug to climb onto the square part of the tent! Just check the screenshot above if you still need help finding it.

As you can see in the second screenshot, this blue area gives you a direct line to a stone barricade. This is the gate that leads to Paz the Chevalier and/or the docks. Wirebug directly to the top or land on the wooden platform just below it and move up from there. This is the area which contains the item-filled Cohoot nest like the one in Kamura.

From up on top of this stone building, facing towards the waterfalls in the distance, you can then see a large wooden scaffold. The train (shown in the canteen animation for Elgado) spirals its way up this particular tower, but you can also see it in the screenshot above this paragraph. That’s our target! You can Wirebug your way to the top from this ledge.

To reiterate, you can start from the area where the larger Cohoot nest full of items is found. It only takes one Wirebug to make this next and final jump. Yet you should go ahead and let both recharge. That way you have an extra if you miss. You obviously won’t die or anything if you fall to the ground, but you will need to start all over. Don’t take the risk!

Once you’re up top, just walk up to the white, baby Cohoot and snap the photo. That’s the end of this quest! If you want it to be, anyway…

monster hunter rise sunbreak elgado cohoot doctor tadori

The Fourth Elgado Cohoot  – Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

If you have a ton of trouble using the Wirebug, or just don’t like baby snow owls for some reason, you can also skip the little Cohoot entirely. I personally wound up searching for a third bird for hours before finally just giving up (since I didn’t realize you could climb onto the wooden tower). On the bright side, there’s another option!

More specifically, a fourth Cohoot appears in Elgado much later in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak story. You need to grind out Master Rank and Urgent Quests for a while.

monster hunter rise third elgado cohoot

As you do, you will eventually meet a character named Doctor Tadori. The Wyverian NPC helps you understand the Frenzy Virus (which is a callback to Monster Hunter 4). Soon after this, you’ll see the virus firsthand when you fight your first Gore Magala in the campaign. We don’t need to worry about that right now, though. Instead we just need to head back to Elgado. We’re going to the Command Post once again!

From this point forward, Doctor Tadori will set up shop between the Command Post staircase and the area’s side entrance (where you can talk to Paz the Chevalier). Next to Tadori is his tansu (one of those wooden backpacks). On top of that is his personal Cohoot: a fourth option.

Whichever route you choose, you should now have all the Cohoots you need for “In Cahoots for Cohoot Pics.”

Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you find any more Cohoots yourself! Regardless, this method is sure to work and get you that Cohoot layered armor. Best of luck, Sunbreak players, and happy hunting.