Where to Find Coral Crystals – Monster Hunter: World Guide

In Monster Hunter: World, not all materials are created equal. Some materials are rarer than others, but even then more common materials can still hinder your weapon and armor building progress. If you’re grinding out Gems after you beat the main story, you sometimes forget that you need “lesser” materials to get by, too.

The Coral Crystal is one of these materials. It’s a relatively common crafting item, but you need it for so many weapons and charms that it takes a practically infinite supply to make everything. Our Monster Hunter: World Coral Crystal guide will help you find this material, so you can get on with grinding out the rarer materials.

Where to Get Coral Crystals in Monster Hunter: World

You may not be surprised that in order to get Coral Crystals, you need to head to the Coral Highlands. But where exactly in the Highlands can you find this material?

You can mine Coral Crystals throughout the area. They are an uncommon gather from any blue mining spots in the zone. So, if you’re looking for these crystals, it may be best to do a Low Rank expedition to up your chances of getting this material.

Since you need to mine the Coral Crystal, go to locations in the Highlands with multiple mining outcrops to maximize your chances. There are two mining locations in Area 11 you can sit near, or if you want to take the high route, there are a few places to mine in area 20. If you have both of the camping sites for the Coral Highlands unlocked, this will make getting around easier and helps a lot with gathering materials.

You  can also get Coral Crystal as rewards from quests in the Coral Highlands area. However, if you needing a lot of Coral Crystals in a hurry, an expedition is the way to go.

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What Uses Coral Crystals in Monter Hunter: World

Coral Crystals are used in a staggering amount of weapons, as well as some high-level armor pieces and many charms. You should stockpile quite a lot of these!

Coral Crystal Weapons

If you want a weapon along the “Ore” weapon path, you better have some Coral Crystals at the ready. Every weapon type on the Ore path eventually requires some of these crystals for one or more weapons. It makes sense, as technically the game considers the Coral Crystal a type of ore!

The likelihood is, if you end up running out of Coral Crystals, it’s because you had to use them to move along the weapon tree of your choice.

Coral Crystal Armor

Coral Crystals are a little less important for armor, but you still need some for various sets. If you want to make a low rank Kirin set to help you transition to the second half of the game, you need some crystals to create the chest armor piece. The only High Rank armor sets that use Coral Crystals are the Tzitzi and Alloy armor sets.

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Coral Crystal Charms

Coral Crystals are also used to make a variety of charms, at varying levels. Here are some of the more useful charms you can make with Coral Crystals:

Evade Charm I – Gives you the Evade Window skill, which ups invincibility frames when dodging.

KO Charm I – Gives the Slugger skill, which increases your stun power. It’s great when using blunt weapons!

Windproof Charm I – Helps reduce the effects of wind pressure. This is essential against most variants of Kushala Doara.

Fitness Charm III – Gives the Constitution skill, which lowers stamina usage. This level 3 charm lower stamina consumption by 30 percent.

Ironside Charm I – This one helps reduce knockback and stamina consumption when guarding. Consider using it with the Sword & Shield, Lance, Gunlance, and Greatsword.