Warframe Voruna Guide: How to Unlock, Lua Thrax Plasm, & Farming Tips

Let's join the wolfpack and unlock Voruna in Warframe!

In Warframe, Voruna is a wolf-based frame designed by comic artist (and Digital Extremes partner) Joe Madureira. She can become invisible, resurrect herself, spread random status effects in a wide radius, and much more. This makes her a fine generalist class, but the living wolfpack really excels at melee damage and adjusting her playstyle with multiple passive abilities that change on the fly. If that sounds like a good time to you, we can help you add her to your arsenal with Voruna unlock guide to Warframe! Let’s take a look at the steps.

Unlike many modern Warframes (and despite what you might think from her accompanying cinematic) Voruna isn’t tied to a story quest. Her parts are just standard reward drops from specific missions — similar to Nidus and Ivara. All you need to do to unlock the werewolf Warframe is head to Lua (a.k.a. the moon).

Warframe Voruna Farming Thrax

Conjunction Survival Basics – Voruna Warframe Farming

Specifically, the addition of Voruna brought with it two new missions on the surface of the broken world: Yurvarium and Circulus. These are basically the same Survival missions players are probably already used to by now. You go in, kill enemies, and keep your life support gauge high by either killing foes quickly or activating modules that periodically appear in the level. However, these are technically classified as the new “Conjunction Survival” mission type, which comes with a few modifiers.

The most important thing to know is that Thrax enemies (similar to those found in Zariman Ten Zero missions) will appear every five minutes (which coincides with each new reward you unlock). Thrax soldiers glow white and have a ghostly appearance. In fact, some of them quite literally turn into ghosts when you defeat them — which must be destroyed with the Operator Void Beam to completely kill. Once again, this mirrors how the Thrax enemies function on the Zariman.

Warframe Voruna Farming Leverian

What’s different about these, however, is that Lua Thrax soldiers will cause your life support to drain 50% faster than usual for as long as they’re still alive. This makes them extremely important targets to isolate and eliminate quickly, as leaving them alive is one of the fastest ways to lose each Conjunction Survival mission entirely.

Luckily, each Thrax will be marked on your map with a glowing red target marker. Though the specific number of Thrax will also vary depending on how many members are in your squad. Solo players will only get two per five-minute “wave.” Each additional player then adds another Thrax (i.e. three for two players, four for three players, and five for four players). This is actually a good thing, however, as each Thrax has a chance to drop a unique resource called Lua Thrax Plasm. We’ll get into that in the next section, but you’re going to want as much of this as you can possibly get, so playing with a full squad is preferable.

The same goes for playing on a higher difficulty. Voruna blueprint parts can drop from either Yuvarium or Circulus every 20 minutes. This is otherwise known as a “Rotation C” reward” in Warframe terms. That being said, Circulus has roughly double the drop chance for every blueprint, making the higher-level mission the better way to farm Voruna parts.

Lua Thrax Plasm – Voruna Warframe Farming

This is doubly true since every five minutes on Yuvarium is guaranteed to award you with three Lua Thrax Plasm. Meanwhile, every five minutes on Circulus drops five Lua Thrax Plasm. It’s not just a reward for killing Thrax enemies. And Lua Thrax Plasm can be used to purchase Voruna parts directly in Warframe. Assuming you’ve finished the “Echoes of the Zariman” questline, of course.

After finishing this quest and unlocking the Zariman combat location — alongside the Chrysalith social hub — you can speak to the NPC called Archimedean Yonta. She’s the same character that allows you to exchange Voidplumes found on the Zariman for standing with the Holdfasts syndicate. If you speak to her, she’ll have the dialogue option “Trade for Lua Thrax Plasm,” which allows you to buy Voruna blueprints directly.

Here’s the cost of each individual part:

  • Voruna Blueprint – 125 Lua Thrax Plasm
  • Voruna Chassis Blueprint – 75 Lua Thrax Plasm
  • Voruna Neuroptics Blueprint – 75 Lua Thrax Plasm
  • Voruna Systems Blueprint – 75 Lua Thrax Plasm

All this adds up to a whopping 350 Lua Thrax Plasm — or 117 rotations on Yuvarium. That’s nearly 10 hours of continuous play on Conjunction Survival alone (not taking into account any drops you get from the Thrax soldiers themselves). On top of which, you still need another 125 Lua Thrax Plasm to actually craft all of Voruna and her constituent parts. If you were to only buy Voruna blueprints and pay to craft each of them, this would add up to 475 Lua Thrax Plasm to purchase and craft every blueprint.

You don’t need to buy all the parts outright, though. As long as you can make it 20 minutes into Yuvarium (or, even better, Circulus) you have a random chance of acquiring one of the four blueprints. Each of which will shave 75-125 off the required currency of your total purchase price. You still need 125 Lua Thrax Plasm to finish crafting the Warframe, but there’s also a chance (however tiny) that you’ll get all of the blueprints in the process.

The process for efficiently farming Voruna basically goes like this:

  1. Play on Yuvarium with a full squad for 20 minutes before extracting (this will unlock Circulus)
  2. Play on Circulus with a full squad for 20 minutes before extracting
  3. Repeat step two until you acquire at least 125 total Lua Thrax Plasm
  4. Subtract the purchase cost of any blueprints you acquired from 475 (e.g. if you acquired a Voruna Chassis Blueprint and a Voruna Blueprint, subtract 75 for the chassis and 125 for the basic blueprint, leaving you with a needed 275 Lua Thrax Plasm)
  5. Repeat steps two and four until you acquire enough LuaThrax Plasm to purchase the remaining blueprints, or until you find them naturally, making sure you have at least 125 left over to craft all the parts

Warframe Voruna Farming Dax

Closing Notes – Voruna Warframe Farming

Even if you were to get preternaturally unlucky, playing on Circulus instead of Yuvarium cuts your total Voruna farming time down to just under six hours. Once again, that doesn’t even take into account the Lua Thrax Plasm that can be dropped by the Thrax enemies themselves, so your total time will be even shorter. You can knock the whole thing out in a single afternoon if you’re truly dedicated and even faster if you’re very lucky.

For a few final tips on Conjunction Survival, though, remember the following:

  • Thrax soldiers on Circulus must be killed in their “ghost” forms by the Operator Void Beam; Yuvarium soldiers only need to killed once with any type of damage
  • Sentients will also likely spawn during each mission (as they often do on Lua); use the Void Beam to reset their defenses if they become resistant to your attacks
  • An invincible, ghostly Dax Soldier will also appear on Conjunction Survival missions; they’re not marked on the map, but they walk from one Life Support Module to the next and buff Warframe abilities while you stand inside the black-and-white domes of energy they project around themselves
  • You can learn the full story of Voruna from the “Leverian” section of your ship’s Codex; it doesn’t help acquire her parts, but it is pretty interesting

And that’s that for unlocking Voruna in Warframe! We hope this guide helps you get through another loot grind and get to chowing down on your enemies as the vicious werewolf class.