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Warframe Voidplume Crest Guide - How to Farm Voidplume Crests

The Voidplume Crest shouldn't be so hard to find in Warframe. No, really!

The Warframe Voidplume Crest is a tricky devil to farm and even find. This was previously due to a known bug in the game. Now it’s not so bad! If you’re still having trouble finding this middle-of-the-road type of Voidplume, we’ve collected a bit of information and some screenshots on where best to look! Here’s a quick guide to the best way to farm Voidplume Crests in Warframe so you can continue to rank up the Holdfast faction.

We should also probably note that you can acquire up to the rank of “Watcher” with the Holdfasts without any Voidplume Crests whatsoever. This gives access to the Phenmor Incarnon rifle — which can also be crafted without a single Voidplume Crest. You just need to focus on finding Voidplume Pinions and Voidplume Quills to raise your Standing instead. Even so, finding even one Voidplume Crest can be tricky, so we highly recommend not spending them on Standing at all. Not until after you reach the rank of “Guardian” with the Holdfasts. This requires a one-time payment of 10 Voidplume Crests (in addition to some other materials). Now let’s look at how to actually get the item.

voidplume crest warframe

The original best way to find a Voidplume Crest still works. It’s just far from a guarantee. Nor is it the most consistent way to acquire more than Voidplume Crest anymore. Still, it’s a good way to supplement farming for the item in missions, since it will give you a bonus chance while you look for more crests. You just need to complete Level 3 bounties for the Holdfast Syndicate.

The Crests are a so-called “common” reward for completing the bounties: secondary (but still mandatory) objectives that appear during missions given by Quinn. You can speak to Quinn in the Chrysalith social hub on the Zariman Ten Zero. Simply look through his available quests and you should see “Voidplume Crest” listed under the first tier of rewards in Level 3 bounties.

The bounties can include anything from “kill 200 enemies” to “find a Zarium Accolade for Cephalon Melica.” Thankfully these bounties are shared between all players. Anyone can bring the Zarium Accolade to Cephalon Melica, for example, and everyone in the party will gain the bounty reward. This means you should play in a full group of four players to nominally increase your chances of finding a Voidplume Crest. This actually holds true for the next farming method as well.

Warframe now gives players the chance to find at least Voidplume Crest on the ground during every Zariman mission. Every mission has eight Voidplumes scattered throughout the map — exactly like the Syndicate Medallions found in Syndicate missions. This typically means either a Voidplume Down or a Voidplume Vane. But now precisely one out of these eight hidden items is guaranteed to be a Voidplume Crest. Two more will be uncommon (i.e. Voidplume Vanes) while the rest will either be uncommon or common (i.e. Voidplume Down).

Here’s the simple version:

  • 1x guaranteed Voidplume Crest
  • 2x guaranteed Voidplume Vanes
  • 5x with a 75 percent chance of being a Voidplume Down or 25 percent chance of being a Voidplume Vane

This means that your best best is now hunting for that guaranteed Voidplume Crest on any given mission — preferably a Level 3 bounty to give yourself a bonus chance at more. The usual rules of hunting Voidplumes applies. You should probably equip Loot Detector or Animal Instinct to display the items on your minimap. Zariman maps tend to have a lot fewer breakable cannisters and objects than other regions. This makes them a bit easier to isolate.

Even without that, though, Voidplume items all tend to appear in the same set of locations on every map. Look behind countertops, between bushes, inside of cargo containers, on top of trees, down ventilation shafts, and behind semi-destroyed doors. There’s no guarantee you will find a plume in any of these spots — much less a Voidplume Crest — but the items almost exclusively appear in these locations when you do find them. Here are a couple of screenshots to use as examples of what we mean.

Another useful trick to hunt for more Voidplumes is to summon the ghostly hologram children that inhabit the Zariman. You can find them by clicking on blue, swirling Void energy that appears in smalls clusters throughout most missions. They typically appear out in the open more often than any Voidplume Crest or its cousins. However, each will summon a golden child that goes running off towards a more secluded area. You can follow the ghost (and its glowing trail) until it finally dissipates.

The downside is that these children won’t always lead you to a Voidplume Crest, Voidplume Vane, or even a Voidplume Down. They lead to a variety of hidden items — including Somachords and Ayatan. Though they do seem to generally prioritize the Holdfast Standing items. Whenever an apparition does take you to a plume, consider taking a screenshot of the entrance or location. There’s only a set number of hidden area types on the Zariman. Learning to memorize and recognize each one will make future searches faster.

One potentially useful trick is to follow the ghost children in “Void Mode.” This means first switching to your Operator or Drifter form. It doesn’t matter which; their only differences are cosmetic. Then hold the crouch button and begin to walk or use the Void Sling skill (crouch + jump) to quickly move around. Void Mode makes your playable character invisible and more-or-less indestructible. At least until you run out of energy. This allows you to sneak past and through enemies while chasing the golden child. Otherwise, it can be quite easy to lose track of their trail while getting shot and/or cutting your way through hordes of foes. All without requiring a stealth Warframe.

So far, these really seem like your best options! Level 3 bounties will increase your chances while a guaranteed Voidplume Crest now spawns during every mission. Best of luck finding as many as you need!

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