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How to Open Locked Doors on the Zariman - Warframe Puzzle Guide

Ghost kid lead you to a locked door on the spooky spaceship? We've all been there, buddy.

You may have noticed some locked, half-open doors in Warframe during your time on the Zariman. The void-based zone sports tons of hidden areas — where you can find items like a rare Voidplume Crest — but this is perhaps one of the more mysterious on the ship. Especially when a gold, glowing hologram child rushes into the room telling you they “found something.” Naturally, you probably want to get inside and find that something for yourself. Luckily, it’s not too hard! Let’s look at how and why with this guide to locked doors on the Zariman in Warframe.

The long and short of it is that these stuck doors are actually just locked. There’s a red panel inside most of the rooms marked “Door Console.” You can shoot this to open the door right up. Sometimes these are obvious; other times they absolutely are not. You can see what the panel looks like for yourself in the image below. Though you may want to read on for more context on how to find the not-so-obvious panels.

warframe locked door zariman

You can shoot the lock with either your Warframe weapons or your Operator Void Beam. I personally prefer my Void Beam. That actually brings me to my next tip: try an explosive weapon. Or, in my case, an explosive Amp. I use the Propa Scaffold as a component in my Operator weapon — which launches a slow-moving grenade that explodes after a few seconds. This quite easily slips through the crack in the stuck doors and hits the Door Console wherever it may hide. This of course depends on what kind of Amp you have constructed and equipped.

One issue you can find with locked doors on the Zariman, you see, is that they’re not always visible. Depending on how the map was generated. The Zariman sports a lot of foliage and overgrowth. All of which can grow inside any of the locked rooms and even cover up the console altogether. Other times the console is off to the side, on a wall not visible through the crack. If one of the ghost kids has ever led you to such a room, and you couldn’t see the lock, now you know why.

For me it’s simply faster to blow the room wide open than to sit and fire randomly (or shift my camera back and forth looking for the right angle). We’re talking literally just a few seconds of difference here, but it’s a nice little convenience. Especially since some of the Zariman missions have extremely tight margins for success. The less time you spend hunting Voidplumes, the better.

Not every locked room on the Zariman is cracked open like this, of course. A few actually require you to find an alternate entrance: usually a broken window or an open vent. The vents often actually connect multiple rooms where you can find even more Voidplumes. It’s all down to the luck of the draw. The same goes for finding a Voidplume Crest versus a more common type of Holdfast medallion. There are eight Voidplumes scattered across every mission on the Zariman. Only one of those is guaranteed to be a Voidplume Crest. Every other one will be either a Voidplume Vane or the very common Voidplume Down.

That’s all there is to it for opening locked doors on the Zariman! Best of luck hunting Voidplume Crests and other goodies in your time with Warframe.

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