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Warframe Angels of the Zariman Bug Guide - Door & Multiplayer Glitches

Angels of the Zariman has a whole host of known issues. Here are the worst we've seen.

The Warframe “Angels of the Zariman” update isn’t without its problems — notably bugs and glitches. Warframe very frequently introduces new issues as it introduces new content. This time is no different. Though the developers at Digital Extremes are usually very quick to fix the worst of them. Angels of the Zariman has already seen multiple hotfixes the first days of initial release. Both of which resolved a number of issues! Even so, bugs and glitches remain, so we thought we’d put together some of the more common ones we’ve encountered.

For a more up-to-the-minute report on Angels of the Zariman bugs, you can of course go to the source. Digital Extremes has a “Known Bugs List” for the update. Many of these have already been tackled in hotfixes. Such as the exceptionally low drop rate of the Voidplume Crest material needed to rank up with the Holdfasts. Others still seem unfortunately very common. Given the rate at which issues have been fixed, we don’t suspect anything will remain a problem for too long. At least that’s the hope.

Doors Not Rendering

This was the very first game-breaking bug we encountered in our time with Angels of the Zariman. The issue is pretty obvious. You will be making your way through a mission, probably one of the bounties given by Quinn, and suddenly find yourself unable to progress. One or more doors will open up into an impenetrable black void — even as your teammates progress normally. This, thankfully, already seems a bit less common. We haven’t encountered the issue at all since the first day of the expansion’s release.

As far as fixes go, there don’t seem to be many good ones. You can exit the mission, of course, but that means forsaking any rewards. The bright spot is that co-op players can still complete the mission without you. After which they can move on to the extraction point. This will force the entire party to wait longer to extract (just as trying to extract without a full squad always does), but at least you won’t lose out on your items. We also have yet to see it during a solo run. Your mileage may vary. Running the game in single-player does often seem to alleviate issues in Warframe, but in this case that may just be coincidence.

Automatically Disconnecting from Teammates

Ironically, this has become our new most common issue after the update. It seems to have gotten worse (at least anecdotally) after Hotfix 35.1.2. It’s also not listed among the known bugs (yet) at the time of this writing. Though several other players have reported the same thing. After starting a Zariman bounty via public matchmaking, you enter the elevator to begin your mission, only to find yourself suddenly alone. The game will inform you that “X player has joined the party.” Just as it always does during a multiplayer mission of this type. However, the second the elevator reaches the actual level, every other player is suddenly and simultaneously marked as “left the squad.” This leaves you solo in often very difficult Zariman bounties.

The error naturally only occurs during multiplayer. Therefore, playing solo would technically resolve the issue. That’s just not really a fix in this case. We’ve also found that shutting down the game and restarting can temporarily alleviate the problem. Sometimes… Simply leaving the Zariman and selecting a new instance of the social hub hasn’t helped at all, either. At least not in our case. As always, your mileage may vary.

Gyre Component Blueprint Drop Chances

We don’t really know any specifics about this one. Though we can take a wild guess: Gyre blueprint drop chances seem incredibly low. So low, in fact, that we haven’t gotten a single blueprint for any of her components after several dozen bounties. This didn’t exactly strike us as odd at first. Warframe often has very low drop chances for its playable characters. You need something to chase after, and the developer needs a way to incentivize players to buy stuff for real money. Right?

In this case it seems like the drop chances are just plain lower than intended. How low? No idea! The bug list just says “Gyre Component Blueprint drop chances” with no additional context. This, too, isn’t terribly surprising since other items also sported incorrect drop rates until a previous hotfix. Notably the Voidplume Crest. That issue was fixed in Hotfix 35.1.2. The Gyre parts apparently need more work.

Falling Through the Level

It’s an oldie but a… Well, no. It’s not a goodie. We’ve luckily only had it happen once since the update, but other players have reported it happening as well. You will be playing the game, minding your own business, and suddenly your character will fall through the world and infinitely descend without dying. Luckily — at least in our case — just waiting long enough seemed to resolve the issue. The game warped us back onto the map after just a few seconds. You can also type “/unstuck” into the chat box to usually resolve this and other strange issues with level geometry.

Endless Loading Loop

How about a different kind of infinite falling? This issue seems to have been resolved, according to the Known Bugs List, so we wouldn’t worry about it too much. Though we did hit it a few times in the first day of the update. Just like the multiplayer bug, it occurred whenever you entered the Zariman elevator. This hidden loading screen would simply play its animation forever without ever bringing you to the level. Abandoning the mission and reloading the area was the best fix we could find. As previously mentioned, though: this one seems to be fixed already.

These are the only Angels of the Zariman bugs we can personally attest to so far. Though there are almost certainly more. Players can (and most likely will) continue to report any bugs they find on the game’s forums. Hopefully the worst of the remaining glitches get squashed sooner rather than later.

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