Vampire Survivors Spellbinder – How to Unlock the Spellbinder

Come on, spell it.

In Vampire Survivors, innocuous choices such as your weapon can have an impact on the number of unlockables you can obtain during your runs. Each character has its own specialty, and this greatly impacts your overall progression aside from the usual, purchasable power ups. The Vampire Survivors Spellbinder is a great example of this, as you need to level a specific item beforehand. But don’t fret, as you can find all the step-by-step information below.

How to Unlock the Spellbinder in Vampire Survivors

In order to unlock the Vampire Survivors Spellbinder, you need to get Runetracer to level 7. The problem is that the required weapon isn’t available from the get-go, but one of the first characters available to purchase carries it.

For this, you need to purchase Pasqualina for 110 gold, which can easily be done after your first run. Pasqualina might not be the first choice for best character, but she has the Runetracer equipped as default.

Vampire Survivors Spellbinder 1

Afterwards, all you have to do is select Pasqualina and upgrade the Runetracer to level 7 by picking up the correspondent upgrades each time they appear. While leveling up always grants you different options, it took me less than eight minutes to complete this — prioritizing Runetracer upgrades every time they appeared, that is.

If you don’t manage to get weapon to level 7, don’t worry. The Runetracer is unlocked after surviving five minutes with Pasqualina, so if anything, you can try again with either her or another character later. Once you complete this objective, the Vampire Survivors Spellbinder will become available in future runs. If you’re curious, Spellbinder is an item that increases duration of weapon effects by +10%.

Vampire Survivors Spellbinder 2

Up until working on this guide, I hadn’t used Pasqualina yet, but I have to say the Runetracer is a fairly interesting weapon. It starts by shooting a beam that can pierce through several enemies, which is already a huge advantage in comparison to Imelda’s Wand. The upgrades add more projectiles to the weapon, as well as increasing both base damage and speeds. I ended up surviving for 24 minutes, which is my longest run thus far.

Here are a few recommendations of weapons and items that will pair well with Runetracer. First, if you can get your hands on a Whip, please do — and then pick at least one upgrade for it when you level up. This will guarantee a steady line of offense and defense on both the back and the front of the character. This combination already had me mowing them enemies left and right.

Vampire Survivors Spellbinder 3

Later on, I chose the Crown when it became available to increase the percentage of experience gained. King’s Bible was a great companion, especially at level 4, summoning several bibles simultaneously. I also had the fortune to stumble upon the Garlic, which became really useful after a couple upgrades.

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Again, as long as you prioritize the Runetracer when an upgrade appears, you can toy around the build. But the aforementioned items really made this a walk in the park — or rather, a sprint inside a library.