Tower of Fantasy Tips Guide: 10 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

From combat to exploration, here are some Tower of Fantasy tips for your new adventure.

Tower of Fantasy tips are sure to come in handy. If you’re a fan of Genshin Impact it’s likely that you’ve heard about the sci-fi take of Hotta Studio and Level Infinite. With millions of players having pre-registered already, there’s definitely a lot to look forward to. This guide details tips and tricks to keep in mind throughout your time in this new online RPG.

Tower of Fantasy Tips 3

Tower of Fantasy Tips

1. Hold Left Alt to Hover With the Mouse While In-game

There are a few menu screens that can be easily accessed from the top right bar, but of course, moving your mouse means you’re moving the in-game camera. In order for the cursor to pop up, press Left Alt and hold it.

2. “Transmit” Means Fast Travel, and You Can do so From the Map

While this action is intertwined with some story missions, you can “transmit” yourself to any unlocked fast travel point freely during free roam. Following The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim rules, you won’t be able to if there are enemies around, so either hide or flee from them. Or, you know, just kick their ass instead.

3. Prevent Fall Damage With a Simple Trick

Whenever you’re falling down to the ground, save your double jump for when you get close to the ground, and then use the dodge to alleviate the fall further. If you time this correctly you’ll be free from harm, but in the worst-case scenario, use another dodge.

4. Always Give a Forced Decipher a go

You’re bound to stumble upon these particular chests that require either a key or a Forced Decipher. In my experience, opting for the latter always led to the chest opening itself up. This may vary depending on what’s inside, but even if you don’t have one of the keys with you, give it a go.

5. There’s a Witch Time of Sorts for Perfect Dodges

While this mechanic is explained during story missions, I can’t stress its importance enough. Always keep an eye on enemies’ attacks, especially in groups, to find and make use of slow-motion. It lasts quite a bit of time, giving you a perfect opportunity to get some attacks in and charge your abilities faster.

Tower of Fantasy Tips 2

6. Do Yourself a Favor and Enable Auto-Sprint

Short and simple, but it’s ideal. One of the Tower of Fantasy tips to keep in mind is to enable auto-sprint when the game asks you to (although you can toggle this on and off in the options menu at any time). It’s just going to make things easier for you.

7. If it Caught Your Attention, Attack it

There’s plenty to loot pretty much everywhere. Even if an object doesn’t “spark” to give you the indication that it can be destroyed for loot, try attacking either way. Most of the time there will be a reward for doing so.

8. Focus on the Main Story Until the Banges Region

Completing all of the missions in the first island is going to take you a while, but I recommend focusing on the main storyline as much as possible. You’ll gain access to many useful core features of Tower Fantasy by the time you start the second chapter in Banges, including your own vehicle, so don’t rush the grind early on.

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9. Claim Plot Rewards From the Story Menu

Speaking of which, make sure to head to the Terminal -> Story menu every now and then. There are a few chests in the bottom right of the screen called “Plot Rewards,” which are super useful if you managed to complete the corresponding objectives.

10. Check Your Inventory For Item Boxes Often

They not only take space, but hey, you might have that one item you’re missing literally in one of these boxes. Pressing B on PC is going to take you to the inventory automatically.

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