Warhammer 40k: Darktide Tips Guide – 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing

Blood for the Emperor, Skulls for the Golden Throne

Praise the Emperor, Warhammer 40k: Darktide is finally here, which means it’s time to purge the heretics of Chaos. Set in the hive city of  Tertium, Darktide casts players as a convict turned inquisitor, who is tasked with clearing out infestations of Chaos demons and their followers. Players can play as one of four unique classes, each of which has their own strengths, weaknesses, and roles within a squad. While this game is easy to jump into, for those who want to master the art of heretic slaying there are some things you should know. Here are five beginner tips I wish I knew before I began playing Darktide:

Darktide Beginner Tips

Darktide Tips

Save Crafting Materials – Darktide Beginner Tips

In Darktide, players can craft and upgrade their weapons and curios. This will not only give them better stats but help you craft items that compliment your character’s build. While it’s tempting to start crafting right away, I strongly recommend that you hold onto all of your crafting materials until you hit level 30 on that character. Since the main way, you’ll earn Plasteel and Diamantine is through pick-ups in missions, it’s tempting to spend those materials on your current gear. However, as you rise through the ranks there’s a very strong chance that you’ll simply find superior gear in the store for a few thousand coins.

So for now, just hang onto all your Plasteel and Diamantine until you hit level 30. Those items will be way more valuable in the endgame where it’s all about perfecting and upgrading your gear. Plus, there’s really no efficient method for grinding crafting materials at the moment, so it’s not like you can quickly replenish your stock.

Know What Difficulty Levels to Play – Darktide Beginner Tips

There are five difficulty settings in Darktide, all of which don’t offer any insight into what the differences are between them. This can make it a little tricky to figure out where to start or when to bump up the difficulty as your reject levels up. For those starting out, I recommend you start at Sedition (Level 1) as the enemies are fairly weak and there are fewer Special enemies you’ll need to contend with. It’s perfect for those just trying to learn the different mechanics, the flow of combat, and your own character’s abilities.

Once you hit around Level 10 you can bump the difficulty up to Uprising (Level 2), as you’ll now have access to some decent gear and two of your passive skills (Feats). From here, I recommend grinding out Uprising missions until around Level 18-20. After that, consider tackling Malice (Level 3) difficulty missions as they provide far more experience and gold.

Keep in mind, Malice is where Darktide starts to ramp up the difficulty as you’ll face new types of enemies and those foes hit much harder. Finally, Heresy (Level 4) and Damnation (Level 5) should be reserved for those who have hit max level and have some master-crafter tier gear. These are the hardest modes available and you can be killed in just a few hits.

Darktide Daemonhost

You Can Avoid Daemonhosts – Darktide Beginner Tips

Darktide is filled with all sorts of terrifying horrors that want to eat, shred, shoot, and beat you to death. However, there is an enemy that you can outright avoid fighting regardless of what difficulty you’re on. Daemonhosts are one of three boss types in Darktide and are perhaps the deadliest foe in the entire game. You can tell when you’re getting near a Daemonhost as you’ll hear whispers all around you and see a gray, spherical fog around someone in the fetal position. This is a Daemonhost and it will leave you alone if you don’t shoot near it, shine a light on it, or enter that gray sphere around it. Because of this, you can slowly creep around this boss and outright avoid battling it.

Usually, this is recommended since Daemonhosts deal a terrifying amount of damage and will always attack the person who startled them. You can use this to your advantage, as an Ogryn with a shield can tank the boss’ attacks making it an easy kill for your team. That being said, you’re better off avoiding the Daemonhost when you can since it will almost certainly kill one member of your squad.

Darktide Tips

I Beg, Please Stick With Your Team – Darktide Beginner Tips

One of the most important mechanics in Darktide is Coherency. For every ally, you stand near you will gain a stack of Coherency, which provides several different benefits depending on what class you’re playing. The main benefit is everyone will regenerate their Toughness (shield) faster depending on how many of your allies are within your proximity.

This is vital for surviving Darktide’s higher difficulties because becoming separated means your Toughness will take forever to regenerate naturally. You’ll also miss out on any additional benefits your team may be providing such as faster melee speed or possibly finding a grenade after a kill. Unless you’re off looking for crafting materials, Scriptures, or Grimoires you should always try to stay in Coherency with your squad.

Darktide Ratings

High Ratings Doesn’t Always Mean High Damage – Darktide Beginner Tips

Gear in Darktide can be a bit confusing, as there are multiple stat bars and effects a single weapon can have. Every item has a Rating, which can be considered the culmination of all the other stats. A high Rating doesn’t necessarily mean it will have better damage than a weapon with a lower Rating. It could have another stat such as Mobility causing the Rating’s number to be so high.

Because of this, you will always want to examine the stats below the Rating more than the number itself. These stats are often more important – especially if you’re looking for a weapon to fill a specific task in your build. For example, I might grab a lower-damage Thunderhammer on my Zealot because it has a high Cleave stat. This means it will perform much better against hordes and synergize with some of my Feats tied to Heavy Attacks.

Additionally, once you hit Level 30 keep your eye on the shop for high Rating white gear. Typically you want something with a rating of 340 or above as this number/stats will increase every time you level it up at the Technomancer’s crafting shrine. You can easily turn an unassuming white axe into an absolute death machine with the right materials. But for those just leveling up, just focus on trying all the different weapons so you get an idea of their strengths and weaknesses. Don’t obsesses over always having the highest Rated item as you’ll quickly run out of money to spend in the shop!