The Division 2 Gear Score Guide – Current Gear Score Cap

If you’re really serious about The Division 2, you’re probably well aware of the game’s end goal. You want to reach as high of a Gear Score as possible! But what is Gear Score in The Division 2? How is it calculated? What are the current Gear Score caps? Our Division 2 Gear Score guide answers all of these questions and a whole lot more. Just keep reading!

How to See Gear Score in The Division 2

If you’re still in the process of leveling up and haven’t reached endgame yet, don’t worry. You won’t see your equipment’s Gear Score just yet. You’re not missing anything!

Once you reach World Tier 1, however, Gear Score becomes enabled. To do that you first need to complete the following objectives.

  • Reach level 30 in The Division 2
  • Complete the all three base strongholds – District Union Arena, Roosevelt Island, and the Capital Building
  • Choose a specialization (Visit the quartermaster at the White House)

Current Gear Score Caps

All of the different World Tiers in The Division 2 come with their own Gear Score caps. The idea is that you unlock better and better gear as you progress through the game.

Our Division 2 World Tier Guide runs down all of the unlock criteria for each one. But here’s a very basic breakdown of which tier correlates to what Gear Score cap.

  • Tier 1 Cap: 300
  • Tier 2 Cap: 350
  • Tier 3 Cap: 400
  • Tier 4 Cap: 450
  • Tier 5 Cap: 500

The Division 2 Crafting Guide Tips

How is Gear Score Calculated in The Division 2?

Gear Score is a combination of two different factors: the power and quality (rarity) of the item in question. The rarity of the item is randomly determined when the loot drops. Higher rarity weapons will naturally be better than those below them. Here’s the breakdown on those:

  • Worn (White) – 0 Talents, bad stats
  • Standard (Green) – 0 Talents, mediocre stats
  • Specialized (Blue) – 1 Talent, average stats
  • Superior (Purple) – 2 Talents, good stats
  • High-End (Orange) – 3 Talents, excellent stats
  • Exotic (Red) – Unique talents and stats

Now for the other factor that affects Gear Score: item power.

An item’s initial Gear Score in The Division 2 is actually calculated based on your highest possible Gear Score. That includes anything in your inventory and your stash. It further means that you don’t necessarily need to wear your mathematically strongest gear at all times. Just having that gear on you or in you stash is enough for more powerful loot to drop! So use that low-level submachine gun you like so much, if you’re not into sniper rifles.

At any given time, however, your “effective” Gear Score is an average of all the items equipped on your character. We say effective to differentiate it from your potentially best Gear Score. Because The Division 2 accounts for these numbers differently. Even if you have more powerful gear in your stash, therefore giving you access to better loot drops, you won’t actually reap those benefits when it comes to fighting high-level enemies.

Long story short: Only your equipped Gear Score affects your combat power level in The Division 2.

It’s also worth noting that you need to upgrade your crafting bench each time you reach a new World Tier. Otherwise the loot you craft will continue to be of a lower level.

And that’s all you should need to know about Gear Score in The Division 2! Thanks for taking the time to read our guide. We’ll be sure to add more later, as The Division 2 continues to roll out its free content updates. Until then, have fun and good luck with the grind!