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The Best Warframe Extractor Locations - Where to Place Extractors

You need more resources in Warframe. Here are the best places to get them with extractors!

Warframe extractors let you, well, extract resources from different locations throughout the system. That’s not a bad deal! Once you get over the initial cost of creating your resource extractor armada, the process is basically entirely free. It just takes time. That is to say: real time. You need to weight four and/or eight real-world hours for each Warframe extractor to finish. After which point, the extractors may be damaged, taking even more real-world time to “heal.” That’s why you may find yourself asking: what are the best Warframe extractor locations? Let’s help answer that with our latest guide!

Before we begin, we should probably note that not every resource in the game is available via extractors. This even includes some of the most annoying ones to farm yourself — such as Oxium. Warframe does still make some of the more vital materials available, however!

Where to Place Warframe Extractors

Before we note the best Warframe extractor locations, it’s worth noting where it’s even possible to find Warframe extractor locations. You can currently place them “on” every planet, moon, or major starship. That means the Zariman and Kuva Fortress are fair game!

The only Warframe locations that can’t currently house resource extractors are the Void and your Clan Dojo. While both zones will show the icon for resource extractors, you will simply get a message saying “extractors cannot be deployed in this system” if you try. You also can’t place extractors from the Railjack menu; the game just won’t show the icon for them at all. Though these zones mostly just represent areas available in normal play already.

Speaking of which, if you still don’t know the basics: you can place by clicking on a planet from the Star Chart. The bottom-right corner of the screen will show icons for the current Nightwave season and your current Kuva Lich (or Sister of Parvos). Below those is a button that says, “Resource Drones.” Click it to bring up a small circle with an extractor icon. Then click that to place one of your extractors on the selected region.

warframe best extractor locations

The Best Warframe Extractor Locations

Now we come to the heart of it. What are the best extractor locations in Warframe? Well, talking about the “heart” is actually pretty appropriate. We’re looking at Deimos first.

While this entire discussion is somewhat subjective, it’s hard to deny that Deimos is the best location for resource extractors in the game. At least right now. The zone is home to two rare resources and one uncommon one: Orokin Cells, Neurodes, and Mutagen Samples.

The samples are good for creating Mutagen Mass — which is used for Infested-type weapons. Orokin Cells and Neurodes are then used in a variety of things. Though they’re obviously used together in both Forma and Orokin Reactors. These are two exceptionally important items. Both are vital for improving your Warframe and/or weapons by increasing the number and power of mods you can equip.

Orokin Cells in particular are also used in a massive number of other items. You need them for: weapons, Warframes, Sentinels, and cosmetic helmets. Not to mention Prime variants of some of the aforementioned equipment. And those are just the basics! This far and away make Orokin Cells one of the most important of the rare Warframe resources. Thus you might as well stack the deck in your favor by putting out resource extractors at locations which spawn them.

Orokin Cells can be extracted at the following locations in Warframe:

  • Deimos (duh)
  • Ceres
  • Saturn

The only issue with this is that resource extractors have only a tiny chance of gathering rare resources. They are, um, rare after all. You might instead have more luck trying for “common” materials that are nonetheless necessary in large quantities and difficult to farm.

One of the best places to find this is Uranus (not a joke). This is because the planet is home to both Plastids and Polymer Bundles: extra annoying crafting materials to sit and gather naturally. The region is also the only place in the Warframe solar system where you can find both in the same location. Therefore you have double the chances of finding something useful (ignoring the lack of rare resources which have a lower base chance).

And that’s basically it for our suggestions on the best extractor locations in Warframe! We hope this helps you make the most out of your gathering drones. Best of luck getting those Orokin Cells!

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