Tales of Arise Tips Guide: 7 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Tales of Arise is a brand new entry in the long-running beloved JRPG series from publisher Bandai Namco. It has often been marketed as an evolution of the series, which we can confirm isn’t a mere exaggeration. Even older fans have plenty to learn about Tales of Arise and how it does things. 

Thankfully, we’ve got a few tips and tricks that’ll help you navigate Tales of Arise with ease and answer a few questions that aren’t explained by the game. 

1. There are Two Mystic Artes for Each Character

Tales of Arise characters earn their Mystic Artes either after being recruited (such as Law, Rinwell, Kisara, and Dohalim) or after story events occur. Each Mystic Arte is unique to each character. Triggered by pressing down two action buttons, these special attacks do an incredible amount of damage to a single enemy. 

You’d be forgiven for thinking that only Alphen is able to get two Mystic Artes throughout the main story, but that isn’t the case; every single one of your companions has two Mystic Artes, as well. To get the second Mystic Arte for the others, you’ll need to talk to them the max number of times in camp until they have a smiley face next to their name. Once done, a second Mystic Arte will be available for you to use.

2. You Can Fast Travel Between Areas With No Limits

After a few hours of playing Tales of Arise, you’ll learn you can fast travel as long as you’ve already explored a place. What it doesn’t tell you is that you can actually fast travel without any limitations. You don’t have to go to a certain camp or area for you to use this feature; all you need to do is open up the area map in your menu, then go to the World Map. There, you can travel to the places you’ve already visited, with no restrictions. 

3. There Are Post-Main Story Quests

If you’ve not played a Tales of game before, this one can easily sneak past you. You can quite literally just finish the game, turn it off and never come back to it again — but I wouldn’t recommend it! There’s a slew of content after the main storyline is completed, and doing that content will help you reach level 100. It may not seem possible, but you don’t need New Game Plus to get to that level. Though, speaking of New Game Plus…

4. Don’t Sell Your Accessory Materials

Early on in Tales of Arise, you’ll come across different ores, such as Antidote Rock and Thermalrock. These can seem pretty useless at first, and the accessories you come across in the first five to 10 hours of the game aren’t significant enough that we’d recommend wasting all your accessory materials on creating them. But we’d also like to warn you: don’t sell your accessory materials looking for a quick buck. 

Instead, keep them. They’ll not only be useful in creating accessories in the end game, but they can also be used in transferring skills from one accessory to the other. Only sell the accessory materials that you know for sure are going to be useless; otherwise, you might just be wasting some really good materials.

5. You Can Divide Larger Enemy Groups

This tip is more relevant in the later stages of Tales of Arise, but it’s still something good to know before you get started. 

As you progress, you’ll come across big enemies surrounded by smaller groups of enemies. The tactic here is divide and conquer: head towards enemies to get their attention, but not too close that it’ll trigger a battle. Once that’s done and they start towards you, sprint off in the opposite direction. You’ll notice that some will start to make their way back towards where they originally were. Engage with the enemies behind the group that is going back to their original position. At this point, there’s a large chance you’ll only battle half the enemy group, making it easier for your party to deal with.

6. You Can Choose Which Party Member Targets Which Enemy

Unlike previous Tales of games, you can’t modify your tactics for your companions to fight the exact same enemy as you. This is pretty frustrating! It often leads to your companions fighting enemies when they should be focusing on the big bad with you, which racks up points and makes killing enemies faster. 

Because of this little hiccup, making characters target the same enemy as you can be a bit of a pain. First off, you’ll need to take control of the character you want to fight the same enemy as you. Then, hold down the button that’ll make them focus on the nearest enemy and move it towards the enemy you’re fighting. This will lead that character to fight that enemy. You can do this for all your companions in the fight. While it’s a bit of a pain that may take some time, it’s really effective in combat and worth doing in difficult fights. 

7. Artifacts Are the Best Items to Collect

As great as some collectibles in video games are, you always have to ask yourself if they’re really worth the hassle. In the case of Tales of Arise, the collectibles you might think are ‘meh’ to collect are actually incredibly important, especially if you want to go into each battle fully equipped and able to kick major ass. 

Some artifacts, like the Golden Lucky Cat Statue (which increases the number of skill points you earn in battle) and the Silver Suit of Armour (which raises your EXP by 20%) is mandatory if you’re looking to get to level 100. These artifacts are found via completing different sub-quests. To find them, return to locations you’ve not visited in a while — it’s highly likely those necessary quests will be available there.