Tales of Arise Owls Location Guide – Where to Find All of the Dahnan Owls

Tales of Arise has a number of different collectibles for you to find, but none are quite as striking as the Dahnan Owls scattered throughout the different realms of Dahna. While the owls you find won’t benefit you in combat, they are incredibly useful for players looking to make their very own bunny boy in a game that isn’t called Final Fantasy XIV. That’s right: for each Dahnan Owl you find, you’ll be gifted with cosmetics ranging from bunny ears and bandages to wolf tails and fake mustaches. 

There are 38 Dahnan Owls that you can find in Tales of Arise. Here’s our guide on how to find all these adorable birds, and the reward each one will net. Be warned: some of these screenshots will have spoilers within them

A quick tip before we start: as soon as you recruit Rinwell, you’ll get to use her Map Ability. Make liberal use of it! This ability makes Hootle (her owl) appear whenever there is an owl hiding somewhere on the map. 

Every Owl Location in Tales of Arise

Owl 1

A red owl on a tree perch (higher level of the map) with spotted ears.

Location: Iglia Wastes
Reward: Spotted Cat Ears

Owl 2

A red owl on a rock that’s near where Doc and Kole are located. You’ll be able to spot this owl because of the rather dashing monocle it wears.

Location: Mosgul
Reward: Monocle

Owl 3

A red owl on a small bit of rock near one of the narrow corridors of rock that’s located in a circular, dead end.

Location: Kyrd Garrison
Reward: Cat Tail

Owl 4

A red owl (we promise we’ve been mentioning colors for a reason) that sits in a square, broken house that sports cute, furry ears.

Location: Trench of Flames
Reward: Dog Ears

Owl 5

As you continue your quest to get into Balseph’s castle, you’ll come across a metal-meshed wall that seems to have fallen down. Underneath it is a red owl.

Location: Trench of Flames – Gates of Fire
Reward: Left Bandage

Owl 6

While you explore Balseph’s castle floor, you’ll come across an unusual sight on the third floor : a red owl hanging around with some chickens. Weird.

Location: Glanymede Castle Level 3F
Reward: Rabbit Tail

Owl 7

Ulzebek’s red owl is easy to spot because he’s busy just vibing on a washing line. Good for him!

Location: Ulzebek
Reward: Rabbit Ears

Owl 8

A cute red owl that you’ll notice during your first approach to Ulzebek, located on the right hand side of the map.

Location: Sandinus Ravine
Reward: Dog Tail

Owl 9

A red owl that you’ll hear before you see due to him being located right next to the camp on this map. He looks adorable with glasses.

Location: Lacerda Cliffs
Reward: Frame Glasses

Owl 10

A snow-white owl that you encounter on top of a rock after the bridge towards the town of Messia 224. They look particularly pirate-y.

Location: White Silver Plains
Reward: Left Eyepatch

Owl 11

An owl that’s sure to leave you scratching your head as you look around fruitlessly. This pesky owl is hidden in a basket near a cart on the higher levels of Messia 224.

Location: Messia 224
Reward: Wolf Ears

Owl 12

On a small island in the middle of a lake of water is where you’ll find this white owl. They are surrounded by enemies, so be careful not to get into too many fights on the way.

Location: Nevira Snow Plains
Reward: Wolf Tail

Owl 13

In the city of Cysloden right in the ‘alley’ section of the city. It’s near Bregon’s hideout and is easy to spot thanks to its obnoxious sunglasses.

Location: Cysloden – Alley
Reward: Sunglasses

Owl 14

Carry on the story in Cysloden and you’ll eventually make your way to the Prison Tower. On the 2nd floor, you’ll spot this devilish-looking owl on a bookcase.

Location: Riville Prison Tower 2F
Reward: Devil Horns

Owl 15

Near a lake is a huge, leafless tree with a white owl that sits on top. This is the owl you’re looking for.

Location: Frozen Valley
Reward: Half-Frame Glasses

Owl 16

Go into the fields of wheat until you see a man tending his horse in a mini stable. Along the way, you’ll see a yellow owl with purple wings.

Location: Traslida Highway
Reward: Devil Wings

Owl 17

As you enter the city of Viscint for the first time, you’ll see a marketplace. Go towards it and you’ll hear the familiar ‘hoot’ sound from a yellow owl with a halo on its head.

Location: Viscint
Reward: Halo

Owl 18

Head to the Kitchens during your visit at Autelina Palace and you’ll come across an owl with a crown on his head. He clearly thinks highly of himself.

Location: Autelina Palace – Kitchen
Reward: Crown

Owl 19

On top of a wall to the left of your exit from Viscint, you’ll see a yellow owl happily hooting away.

Location: Talka Pond Road
Reward: Devil Tail

Owl 20

Later on in the game, you’ll get a request to go to Tietal Plains. There, you’ll come across a huge arch of stone. On top of that stone is a familiar yellow owl.

Location: Tietal Plains
Reward: Giggle Glasses

Owl 21

As you enter Niez, you’ll come across a green owl that is chirping away in what looks like to be a barrel of some sort. Well, as long as he’s happy.

Location: Niez
Reward: Red Rose Corsage

Owl 22

Just past Aqfotle Hills are the Adan Ruins. There, you’ll find another green owl hanging around on a small, circular ruin.

Location: Adan Ruins
Reward: Angel Wings

Owl 23

Look around in this area of the map until you find a ruined house. On top of the ruined house is a green owl sporting some very cool sunglasses.

Location: Aqfotle Hills
Reward: Retro Sunglasses

Owl 24

The green owl in Adan Lake is a bit of a trek to get to, but is well worth it for the cosmetic. You’ll need to climb up a hill, circle around, and then jump over to the other side where you can see the owl and get close enough to examine it. It can be a little tricky to get to, which is probably why they gave this bird some angry glasses…

Location: Adan Lake
Reward: Angry Glasses

Owl 25

If you’re like me and forgot an owl back in El Menancia, then you’ll find this one waiting for you at Overseer Hill, right by the fishing spot.

Location: Overseer Hill
Reward: Red Tropical Corsage

Owl 26

This is the only owl you can miss in Tales of Arise because, after this quest, you won’t be able to go back to the Mobile Fortress Gradia. You can find the owl on Level 2 in a small office room, where it will be on top of a desk.

Location: Mobile Fortress Gradia Level 2
Reward: Butterfly Wings

Owl 27

Just before you enter the town of Thistlym, you’ll hear the sound of an owl hooting. Look to your right and you’ll notice a purple owl sporting an eyepatch on top of a tree.

Location: Tuah Seashore
Reward: Right Eyepatch

Owl 28

Just by the exit of the beach town of Thistlym, you’ll notice a purple owl having a nice wee sit down on a chair-like object. He is sporting a really nice star hair clip too. It suits him!

Location: Thistlym
Reward: Star Hair Clip

Owl 29

As you explore Shinefall Woods, you’ll eventually come across a hill leading upwards, as well as an arch that goes over it. Climb the hill, turn to the left, and tightrope your way towards the owl at the end of the arch. Looks like he’s hurt his eye, the poor fella.

Location: Shinefall Woods
Reward: Right Bandage

Owl 30

On entering Lavtu Marshlands, you’ll come across many different climbing points. Someone stands out among the crowd: a purple owl located around the southwest area of the map. They’ve got eyes you could get lost in.

Location: Lavtu Marshlands
Reward: Swirly Glasses

Owl 31

As you progress throughout Del Fharis Castle, you’ll eventually make your way to the 4th floor that’ll lead you up to the main chamber. Before you enter the elevator on this floor, turn around and look up: you’ll see a purple owl with a very familiar animal companion on his head.

Location: Del Fharis Castle 4F
Reward: Hootle Doll

Owl 32

In the city of Pelegion, there are many different levels, but the owl you’re looking for is situated on Level 2. You’ll find it hanging around the elevator to Level 3 of Pelegion.

Location: Pelegion Level 2
Reward: Sad Glasses

The Final 6 Owls (Endgame Spoilers Ahead!)

You won’t encounter any more owls until you get to the world of Rena. However, once you arrive at Rena, you’ll be given a message saying there are more Dahnan owls waiting to be discovered back on Dahna. 

You may want to go ahead and pave your way right to the end dungeon of Tales of Arise, but we warn you not to. These next few owls you can find give you artifacts that make New Game Plus so much easier. So don’t give up!  Go get those last-winged friends. 

Owl 33

Head back to Iglia Wastes and use Dohalim’s map power to call forth vines that will give you access to a higher point of the map. This is where you’ll find a huge, yellow owl on top of a rock.

Location: Iglia Wastes (Dohalim Map Power needed)
Reward: Vivid Sphere – Allows you to carry over Records into New Game+

Owl 34

Head up to the top floor of Glanymede’s castle (just below the roof) and you’ll see an owl sitting on top of Balseph’s throne.

Location: Glanymede Castle – Lords Chamber
Reward: Battle Maiden Shield – Allows you to carry over all your Equipment into New Game+

Owl 35

To get access to the Hidden Chamber in Riville Prison Tower, you must first complete two quests from Bregon in Cysloden until you get the ‘Survey Says…’ subquest. With that subquest, you end up looting the keys off the body of an enemy Zeugle in the Underground Prison section of the Prison Tower. 

With keys in hand, head to the Office area and unlock the Hidden Chamber.
When you head on inside, you’ll spot the owl you’re looking for.

Location: Riville Prison Tower Hidden Chamber
Reward: Broken Machine Gun – Allows you to carry over all your Items and Money into New Game+

Owl 36

Head into Autelina Palace and make your way to 2F to enter the Guard Room at the North West side of the map. Here, you’ll spot a big ol’ owl hooting away.

Location: Autelina Palace Guard Room
Reward: Ancient Excavator – Allows you to carry over all your Levels into New Game+

Owl 37

Go to the Lord’s Chamber area in Del Fharis Castle and you’ll see a purple owl on top of some stairs, next to some ice.

Location: Del Fharis Castle – Lord’s Chamber
Reward: Trident – Allows you to carry over all your Skills into New Game+

Owl 38

On the Uninhabited Island (accessible via The Hidden Wharf in Mahag Saar), you’ll encounter a boss you must kill. After the boss is destroyed, the last owl will appear and grant you your reward.

Location: Uninhabited Island
Reward: Metal Miner Cap – Allows you to carry over your Artes into New Game+